Mod: NEW BEST & NEXT Shaders pack v2.5 Doom 3 full
My BEST Next Gen Shaders pack to date, also with new Parallax and Relief versions of my NG shaders !
  File Name:     Author: Dafama2k7
  File Size: 610 KB   Files Added: 26
  Downloads: 62 (1 last week)   Author Downloads: 1,858 (38 last week)
  Posted: 07.08.2013   Supporters: 15 (+1 Add)
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By Dafama2k7 (SI Veteran Member) on Aug 07, 2013
I recommend using this mod with my other mod, soon to be released D3 Full Shadows v1.9, with more colorfull maps and RoE supported, with added colorful maps for RoE also and much, much more...
By Dafama2k7 (SI Veteran Member) on Aug 09, 2013
I want remember everyone, that i change both the interaction.vfp and the test.vfp with same shader but the test.vfp with some difference that make the colors more realistic but more dark, for try it, just open the console and type this...: toggle r_testArbProgram This command toggles between interaction.vfp and test.vfp so there is in fact the double of shaders present on this pack, go try it one by one, each shader and use the one you like it the most ! :D Also, this command can be bind it to a key, for example including the next line into the autoexec.cfg file that should be into the mod's folder, like this...: bind KP_NUMLOCK "toggle r_testArbProgram" That line above can be added to your autoexec.cfg file into mod folder and binds that command for activate/deactivate the r_testArbProgram command to the NUMLOCK key on the keypad from your keyboard, but can be bind it to any other key of your choice, ok ?
By Dafama2k7 (SI Veteran Member) on Aug 13, 2013
I recommend using U-E-Q mod with my shaders to complement the self shadows, at least with my .pk4s ending in _ss.pk4 it really requires the U-E-Q mod by OneoftheEightDevilz awesome creator, add its .pk4 file into same folder as my shaders.
By Dafama2k7 (SI Veteran Member) on Aug 16, 2013
Note !...: The .pk4 shaders files ending in _ss.pk4 are experimental ones, for not use them, just remove or rename to end in .zip, like this