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Legend of Zelda gear pack, the gear of Link the Hero of Time.

Authors: saltso and satans_karma
uploader: saltso

The gear is compatible for each male race.

extract the zip everywhere
copy the folder "LOZ Gear" to the override
C:\Users\***\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override

to get the gear items type on the console the cheat code, "runscript lozgear".
in case you did not enabled the console, check this site:
it explains how to enabled the console and download the mod "Make CONSOLE commands visible",
so you can see what you type ;)

Due to the limited number of weapon/armor variation 2da numbers available,
this mod may conflict with other mods using the same number.
If you find a conflict, please tell us including the name of the conflicting mod.

Many thanks to satans_karma that she made the script ^^

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