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Changes in V3(Final)]

-corrected texture related bugs-since it converts Merill into Bethany.... earlier there were two Bethanys in the party list .So i Changed the original Bethany's Robe into a Isabella Like Armor- Added a Head Morph (New Face)for the original Bethany so there is only one bethany.-Now your sister Looks like Female Hawke(Default) but you can change it as the Head Morph are provided in a separate file Removed Cloth from Bethany's Legs & upper Chest (See Screen-shot) making her look 10x time Better.- Re-Textured Bethany's Robe -Gave Original Bethany A very Nice Re-textured Robe too.-ALL ROMANCE Animations Work perfectly as i replaced Semi-nude Elf model with Semi-nude Female Human , thus it all looks Natural!!!-Changed Post-Romance Armor of Merill to that of Bethany.

Put the extracted files in Documents/Bioware/DragonAge 2/packages/core/override/

Credits-1)Bioware -For providing us with such a Shitty game2)Adobe- for Photoshop3)The person who created GFF Editor

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