Divinity: Dragon Commander News (PC)'s Spring Insomnia Sale with games 90% off, "very limited numbers"

Posted: 12.05.2014 by Technet2k

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Paranoia is your friend as starts their Spring Insomnia Sale with titles up to 90%, but only for as long as 'stock' remains, meaning each sale has a limited number of slots before moving on.

This "grueling, nightmarish experience" returns and will keep going until the limited sales dry up. Titles included will be Papers Please and Divinity: Dragon Commander.

Larian Studios tease 'player votes' in Divinity: Dragon Commander

Posted: 11.10.2013 by Technet2k

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During the single-player campaign of Divinity: Dragon Commander the player will be deciding on the political future of the game's world. Developer Larian Studios has put a video together showing vote trends.

Are most in favour on unionising workers? Press censorship? Smoking-classes for the kids? A bit of torture during interrogation? Larian expose our collective politic. celebrate "final week" of birthday, The Witcher free with any purchase

Posted: 10.10.2013 by Technet2k

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Fancy something from's catalogue? Well make sure it's not CD Projekt RED's The Witcher going into your basket because that'll be sneaked in anyway at no charge - that is until October 17th.

If you buy any title on from now until 9:59 AM GMT on October 17th, you'll get a fistful of birthday cake in the shape of the PC RPG. Dragon Commander is also discounted 40%.

Divinity: Dragon Commander launch trailer posted by Larian Studios

Posted: 05.08.2013 by Technet2k

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Developer Larian Studios has let the launch trailer for Divinity: Dragon Commander fly the nest as the game is imminently due for release tomorrow via digital stores like Steam, and Larian's own.

This new trailer provides a "comprehensive overview" of what to expect from Divinity: Dragon Commander, which mixes real-time strategy and turn-based. We play a Dragon Knight.

New Divinity: Dragon Commander video shows off dragon dogfighting

Posted: 16.07.2013 by JonahFalcon

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Larian has released a new developer diary showing off how dragon dogfighting works in their upcoming RPG Divinity: Dragon Commander.