Drive'n'Kill Interview (PC)

Si: Hello,can you tell us about yourself?
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Alexander Belov: Hi, My name is Alexander Belov, I am the projects leader in Psycho Craft Studio, Russian game developer. I am 26 years old and more than 2 years in the computer game industry. Psycho Craft Studio was organized a year ago in Moscow by experienced developers with several game projects behind the back, which were mainly published in the Russian Federation. For now the company consists of 6 full-time developers, we also work with some freelancers. The first title of Psycho Craft Studio was "Pulsarius", arcade space 3D scroll-shooter. That was quite a breakthrough because of developing time - 6 weeks only with 2 full-time developers and some additional work of 2 part-time developers. It is published on PC CD in Russia and CIS countries, and soon the game will be available as shareware for other countries. Now there are 3 titles under development in the company, they will be announced soon.
Si: Could you describe the game briefly,for people to get to know it?
Alexander Belov: "Drive'n'Kill", formerly known as "Road 666: Deathlands", is arcade vehicular combat with top-down view. Player controls the well-armored jeep in post-apocalyptic world and should stand against hordes of enemies to discover what happened there mission-by-mission.
Si: How did the idea of the game arise?
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Alexander Belov: At first, the game was intended as "Crimsonland-on-wheels", very simple low-budget game in wasteland scenery. We were not going to do a strong storyline, realystic physics, perfectly rendered backgrounds, amazing soundtrack. All that we wanted to do was the non-stop action and I'd like to stress that we finally didn't give it away. After getting additional funds for the game, we have made that action we wanted but along with those superb features I've mentioned above.
Si: Who does the player fight with,within the game?
Alexander Belov: There are several types of enemies, which appear gradually through the story. They are, in order of appearance, mutants, robots, zombies and aliens. All enemies in the game are not vehicles, they are anthropomorphic, and we think that is the main difference of our game from other vehicular combats.
Si: The player is supposed to do some missions.Could you give some examples?
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Alexander Belov: I should tell that there is a very original storyline in the game - it uncovers not only in different places but also in different time periods. Player executes orders given by the command center trying to figure out, what had happened to that parallel dimension so similar to our world to prevent the same catastrophe. Those orders are to find out some information media, scout the territory and so on. And the story is told from the present of the parallel world to its past, so missions tasks will surprise any gamer.
Si: Are there any upgrades for your killing machine,car that is?
Alexander Belov: Yes, between missions Player can upgrade the car in the shop. There can be upgrades of everything - engine, bumper, weaponry, armor, gadgets, etc. The money for upgrades are earned by killing enemies and collecting bonuses. In the beginning the player has only one simple gun and simple engine. But further there can be mounted up to 3 weapons simultanously, mine droppers, armors, 2 gadgets, bumpers and S.M.A.R.T. bombs.
Si: Can the player change the looks of his car?
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Alexander Belov: Player can't change the look of the car body, but the other parts are changeble, for example, weaponry and bumpers.
Si: Graphics are nice.What are the system requirements?
Alexander Belov: Minimal ystem requirements are 1.2 GHz CPU, 256 MB RAM and graphics card with 64 MB video memory.
Si: Is there any multiplayer?
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Alexander Belov: No, and it wasn't intended from the beginning. But if the game is popular enough (we hope so), there is possibility of developing some battle race game with multiplayer in the universe of Drive'n'Kill. This can be something like Death Rally title by 3D Realms.
Si: Would you like to add anything?
Alexander Belov: I would like to thank for this interview and your readers for reading till this place :-). I would like to invite all you to our web-site, where you can track the news about Drive'n'Kill and other our games.
Si: Thank you for your time at
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Alexander Belov: Thank you.


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