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26 Jul 2013

Race the Sun

A hyper-kinetic endless-racer with minimalist style, Race the Sun demands your devotion in the pursuit of high-scoring perfection as it wraps you in the sumptuous embrace of addiction.
Genre: Driving
17 Feb 2011

The Skytunnel

A simple arcade game. Travel through a "space tunnel" that mysteriously appeared from nowhere. Shoot enemies and avoid traps while flying through an obstacle course.
Genre: Driving
17 Oct 2005

Hover Ace

Hover Ace is arcade races with economics management. Races are held at arenas of specially prepared terrain with a track and some buildings, tunnels, bridges, rotational machines, ramps, teleports. A pilot enjoys the full racing freedom. There will be 40 arenas in the game. Hovercrafts are cars with gravity hovering. Their design is based on...
Genre: Driving