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19 Sep 2005

Buggy: Make, Ride, Win!

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to chase birds, flying leaves, squirrels or maybe even your opponents in the wild with a buggy rolling on four wheels? Buggy: Make, Ride, Win! offers nothing else but this on the highest level and with the most diverse way of fun.
Genre: Driving
06 Sep 2005

Grand Raid Offroad

Deep in the wildest outback the best rally pilots compete on some of the most beautiful and longest tracks of the world. Races are dangerous: arriving in one piece at the end of a stage is already a victory... Choose from 30 vehicles the one that you consider to suit best to conquer the vast wilderness. And with Grand Raid Offroad you will...
Genre: Driving
04 Sep 2005

18 Wheels of Steel: Convoy

Heed the call of the open road, throw the gears in motion and take off in a tractor trailer. Be your own boss behind the wheel of your big rig. Over 40 cities, over 30 trucks, and much larger variety of cargo compared to the previous titles in the 18 Wheels of Steel franchise. Huge driving distances. New approach to real-time chrome reflections....
Genre: Driving
08 Aug 2005

L.A. Rush

Buckle up, rev the engine, drop the clutch and blast off in Midway's high-octane arcade racer, L.A. Rush. In L.A. Rush, players join the crew at West Coast Customs to pimp their ride and live the lifestyle of an L.A. street racer. An exciting and unique story-driven experience allows players to race through five wide-open Los Angeles city...
Genre: Driving
24 Jul 2005

Super Stunt Spectacular

Leading Men Are Wimps! You're a stunt man. You do the dirty work the pretty boys won't. Start your career as a backyard thrillseeker and climb all the way to the top of the Hollywood blockbuster A list. No Pilot's License Required! Leave gravity and common sense behind as you don your helmet, strap in behind the wheel, and rocket...
Genre: Driving
24 Jul 2005

Scooter War3z

It's mayhem with scooters! Scooter War3z delivers a surprising combination of high-speed racing, crash'em up action and death defying ragdoll stunts. Discover the dark but alive world of Scooter War3z, taking place in a free-roaming city featuring several interconnected neighborhoods, where it's all about winning. It is every man (or woman)...
Genre: Driving
07 Jul 2005


Powerdrome features futuristic racing in its purest, most distilled form: no weapons, no gimmicks - nothing but raw-power versus sublime control. A game that rewards those gamers with real skill, but even the losers will be left gasping for more. Into this intense racing formula are thrown 12 heroic riders, risking all on the Powerdrome...
Genre: Driving
23 Jun 2005

Volkswagen Golf Racer

Volkswagen Golf Racer is an official racing game about the legendary European Volkswagen Golf series. The game features over 15 models from all 5 series, including the classic GTI from 1975, GTI Kit Cars, the latest Golf V GTI from 2004 and a collection of bonus cars like: The New Beatle, The Samba and the latest concept cars. One of the most...
Genre: Driving
19 Jun 2005

Lada Racing Club

Lada Racing Club allows the player to live the life of a full blown street racer. The game was inspired by real life Moscow semi-legal street racing and features geographically correct Moscow city locations.
Genre: Driving
16 Jun 2005

Night Watch Racing

As one of the "Other", race your way to tipping the balance between the forces of Light and Darkness. Choose your side wisely as every vehicle possesses a unique magic power that may be the way to victory or ruin. Anything goes in your rush to the finish line as more than just personal victory or loss depends on your performance.
Genre: Driving
15 Jun 2005


Adrenalin is a game that successfully blends the genres of thrilling adrenalin-pumping racing and an economic management sim. The aim of a player is to not only become the fastest driver around, but to be a talented manager as well. In the beginning of the game the player has to pick out one of the twelve beautiful young ladies. One of them...
Genre: Driving
10 Jun 2005


Players will step into the shoes of a young man in the year 2024 as he arrives in California to pursue his dreams of road domination and capture the Californian cargo transportation market. There are miles of highways to conquer and cities and towns to reach as he becomes the greatest trucker on the highways. Rig'n'Roll is a sequel to the famous...
Genre: Driving   Our score: 6.5
26 May 2005

Ducati World Championship

A 360° view into the world of motorcycle racing allowing you to take up a career as a pilot racing in the amateur, semi professional and professional racing classes, intent on reaching the Superbike and the Grand World Championship. Developed with Renderware technology.
Genre: Driving
22 May 2005

GTR: King of Ovals

The promised free add-on for GTR is now online, expanding the recent contemporary FIA GT racing simulation by SimBin Development Team. This add-on requires version of the full game and includes three new tracks in the style of typical American ovals.
Genre: Driving
15 May 2005

London Taxi Rush Hour

The London Taxi game will be based on what Black cabs do best; collecting customers and taking them to famous London destinations within the time limit to get paid. There will be different routes, obstacles and busy traffic to transverse before picking up one of the many paying customers waiting for a lift. London Taxi will feature a realistic...
Genre: Driving
02 May 2005

Notcom Racing

A futuristic racing game among beautiful, highly detailed environments, over the magnetic track at insane speeds. There are track-traps of many sorts, multiple vehicle configurations and a large weapons arsenal present.
Genre: Driving
26 Apr 2005

Cabela's 4x4 Off-Road Adventure 3

Forget those fancy over-priced SUVs that never see anything but paved roads - these 4x4s are all about tackling the toughest terrain Mother Nature can dish out! It's time to shift into 4-LO and throw mud in 16 new locations. New technology, more trucks that are totally customizable and an awesome array of challenges will have you behind the...
Genre: Driving
26 Apr 2005

GT Legends

The unmistakable body of a Porsche 906, the goose bump provoking sound of a Ford Mustang and the sophisticated skills required of the driver of a Corvette Stingray are synonymous with the motor sports of the 60s and 70s. An era in the course of which some of the most exclusive racing cars of all times were designed and the uphill struggle for...
Genre: Driving
12 Apr 2005

World Racing 2

World Racing 2 features an advanced 3D Landscape Engine, which creates separate race tracks and facilitates the creation of kilometre long sceneries in full 3D. The 3D environments are inspired by attractive locations from all over the world (Egypt, Hawaii, Italy and Miami) and allow players to leave the road to take appropriate shortcuts or...
Genre: Driving
11 Apr 2005

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Out-race your opponents, evade cops and exploit the open world in Need for Speed Most Wanted; street racing doesn’t get any better than this,” said Larry LaPierre, senior producer, EA Canada. "Players instantly will feel the thrill of the ride as they hit the streets in an open world environment where drivers can tune their cars to compete...
Genre: Driving   Our score: 8.5
04 Apr 2005

Cabela's 4x4 Off-Road Adventure

Face the wrath of Mother Nature as she throws obstacles in your way. Dodge the trees, boulders, mud, sand, and snow while having the off road adventure of a lifetime. Break something? Deal with it. Got stuck? Winch your way out. This is off-road action at its finest in Cabela's 4X4 Off-Road Adventure.
Genre: Driving
03 Apr 2005

Need for Speed Underground 2

Taking place in a massive, free-roaming city featuring five distinct interconnected neighborhoods, Need for Speed Underground 2 delivers an immersive game world where the streets are your menus. As players explore the city, they'll encounter rival racers who will school them in the ways of the underground and tip them off to the hottest racing...
Genre: Driving   Our score: 7.7
17 Mar 2005

TOCA Race Driver 3

TOCA Race Driver 2006 will feature a story-driven career mode that puts you in the role of a driver attempting to make a name for himself by competing in a number of different disciplines. This year's game will feature no fewer than 35 different motorsport disciplines, and it will also boast an all-new pro career mode in which you can choose one...
Genre: Driving   Our score: 8.2
01 Mar 2005


Crashday puts players in the world of stunts, dents and adrenaline. Smash vehicles into pieces with breath-taking stunts or, better still, race against rivals on custom high speed race tracks – and there's more ways than just head on collisions to get rid of your opponents... Crashday offers drivers weapons, absolute freedom of movement on...
Genre: Driving
24 Feb 2005

GTR FIA Racing

GTR - FIA GT Racing Simulation is a racing game which contains 10 officially licensed real world tracks, 68 officially licensed team specific GT and NGT cars, two completely different game modes (simulation and arcade) and multiplayer with LAN and Internet support.
Genre: Driving
19 Feb 2005

Cross Racing Championship

Utilizing the next generation of the Invictus engine which incorporates its new real-time physics module, Cross Racing Championship (CRC) will allow the player to experience the thrills of high-speed on and off road racing across vast open terrains. The player can contest over 60 races across six distinct environments, ranging from icy...
Genre: Driving
19 Jan 2005

Moscow Rush

Have you ever been to Moscow? Even if you have been, but moved around in a taxi, you will certainly enjoy the experience of street racing around the real Moscow in the Moscow Rush game. The main character is an ordinary urban chap. His whole life is focused on his car and on the stuff attached to it: his friends, always asking for a lift,...
Genre: Driving
28 Dec 2004

Live For Speed S2

LFS S2 is a serious racing simulator. No arcade modes, no steering aids - YOU have to do the driving. It is therefore highly recommended to play the sim with a wheel, because even though you can use keyboard and/or mouse, a wheel is what you use in a real car, so a wheel should be used in a serious racing simulator. Especially when going online,...
Genre: Driving
22 Dec 2004

Ford Racing 3

Ford Racing 3 takes this amazing range of vehicles, from the Model T Ford through to the latest concepts, and pits them against a huge variety of courses, cars and challenges.
Genre: Driving
21 Dec 2004


This street racing game lets you customize your vehicles with authentic aftermarket parts before racing against others online
Genre: Driving
19 Dec 2004

Taxi 3: eXtreme Rush

There are no blackcabs or other taxis present in this game any more.. The player can select one of the 10 exotic sportscars (ranging from american musclecars to hot Japanese streetracers to classic italian avant-garde designs) and agressively race against competitors meanwhile surviving the chasing copcars (equiped with loads of heavy weapons)...
Genre: Driving
17 Dec 2004

Andretti Racing

Some gamers will view Andretti Racing as a Need for Speed loaded with real race cars and fancied up with a few brushstrokes of realism, while others will see it as a dumbed-down amalgam of NASCAR 2, CART Racing, and CART Precision Racing. The funny thing is that both opinions are pretty much on the money - and how much you enjoy EA Sports'...
Genre: Driving
16 Dec 2004

4x4 Evolution

4x4 Evolution features 66 licensed trucks and sport-utility vehicles divided into three classes based on horsepower and racing modifications. Though you'll see many of the same vehicles in all three classes, there's still a huge number of rides to choose from: Chevy, Ford, Nissan, Dodge, Mitsubishi, Lexus, GMC, and Toyota are represented; Jeep...
Genre: Driving
15 Dec 2004

12 Volt

12 Volt recreates the slot-car racing experience with realistic tracks, die-cast vehicles, and physics. Not your ordinary racer, 12 Volt lets you use toys and tools as weapons against your opponents.
Genre: Driving
15 Dec 2004


1nsane is the only 4x4 racing game to date that truly offers a sense of the freedom (and the chaos) found in real-life off-road racing.
Genre: Driving
21 Nov 2004

Dick Johnson V8 Challenge

Dick Johnson V8 Challenge is an action packed racing game using the TORUS proprietary 3D engine. It features over 25 real touring car drivers competing on real Australian tracks - Oran Park, Sandown, Willowbank and the mountain itself; Mt Panorama, Bathurst. The game features an accurate physics model tuned with the advice of Dick Johnson and...
Genre: Driving
13 Nov 2004


FUEL is the motor-head's action-thinking, vehicular marathon. In this adrenaline filled, present-day racing game you choose between one of eight characters, adapting your game play to their unique strengths and weaknesses. As you progress through the tournament, you will be required to control your character while on foot, in a dune buggy, a...
Genre: Driving
29 Oct 2004

IHRA Professional Drag Racing 2005

From the creators of the most successful drag racing games in the world comes the next generation of drag racing action -- IHRA Professional Drag Racing 2005 (IHRA Pro). IHRA 2005 takes this best-selling series to a new level with its outstanding graphics, realistic physics, presentation, and, most importantly, intense racing action.
Genre: Driving
19 Oct 2004

Knight Rider 2

As in the first Knight Rider, the player will play K.I.T.T. and must use all the unique features that this famous car was capable of in order to successfully complete missions. Whether it's driving in ski-mode in narrow alleys, utilizing night vision to see where others can not, chasing the bad guys with incredible speed by activating the Turbo...
Genre: Driving
09 Oct 2004

Live For Speed

This racing game features circuits that can be raced in regular, reverse, and rally configurations.
Genre: Driving
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