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Dungeon Siege Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes
While playing, press enter and type:

Code: Description:
+rings Green rings on
-rings Green rings off
+sniper Gives all weapons 100 meter range
+checksinthemail 9,999,999 gold
+sixdemonbag Gain six powerful summoning spells
+loefervision No fog
+xrayvision No textures
+minjooky Character very small
+maxjooky Character very big - Caution!
+shootall No longer need to click
+drdeath +150 of everything
+version Game version
+superchunky Chunk Factor
+chunky Always chunky
+zool Invincible
+ cheats on
- cheats off
+movie Record a movie/demo
-movie end recording
+potionaholic Get 3 Super Mana Potions and 3 Super Health Potions
+resizelabels Slightly larger labels over head
+faertehbadgar Gives you all badger outfits
+mouse Enable mouse


Dungeon Siege Trainers, Cheats Downloads

Name: Size:
Mana Trainer 58 KB Download it!