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Dungeon Siege II Cheats & Codes

Press [Enter] during game play and type [ + ] followed by one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. To disable a code, type [ - ] followed by the code.

Code: Description:
imalittalteapot Silver ring, weapon, garment
extracreamy Less chunky
superchunky More chunky
movie Record a movie
version Display version
opnauticus Glittering Silver Ring of Knowledge (+24 intelligence, +5% Gold Dropped)
twilightzone Activate developer gallery teleport sequences (Only during game teleports)
drlife Invincibility
quwhba Instant kill

Dungeon Siege II Hints, Tips

Veteran Difficulty
Beat Mercanary
Elite Difficulty
Beat Veteran


Dungeon Siege II Trainers, Cheats Downloads

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+5 Trainer 42 KB Download it!