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This is a new edition of my Enhanced Night Sky mod, modified for the icy lands of Skyrim. It's a high resolution texture replacement for the night sky taken from real starfield photography. This will not affect the appearance of constellations (yes, the game has constellations finally!) which are contained in another file - this will simply enhance the backdrop for a much denser starfield.


UPDATE: I've now added medium- and low-density texture options (the default one is unchanged, and can be considered the high-density version) with reduced amounts of stellar intensity. Simply download one of the optional files instead of the main file and install as normal.


Unzip the "textures" folder from the archive into your SkyrimData folder.


Remove the "" file from the "texturessky" folder.


0.1 Initial release
0.2 Added medium- and low-density versions.


Many thanks to Wei-Hao Wang for the starfield imagery.
Also thanks to Bethesda for creating the base sky layer (and Skyrim overall.)

== LEGAL ==

Please contact me before redistributing this mod.
Do not use assets from the mod without permission.

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