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Blood of Kings Questline
From the Blood of Kings
Faces and Names
The Bloodsmith
The Harbinger of Us All
Blood and Bones
The Beast Who Cannot Be Slain
An End to Keep

START - Speak to Elrindr in the Drunken Huntsman
PREREQ - No Followers in Party, Children Fair, Pit Dogs, Honor's Calling, Sleeping Giant, vanilla Angarvunde quest, met Skjarn

Forgotten Lore
Speak to Olivia in the Arcanaeum

The Radiant Dark (High Level Enemies)
Speak to Corpulus in the Winking Skeever
Prerequisites - Forgotten Lore, Dragon Rising, The Black Star

Honor's Calling
Speak to Anum-La at Jorrvaskr
Prerequisites - Jorrvaskr Conversation after joining the Companions

The Children Fair
Speak to Zora at an inn outside of Riverwood
Prerequisites - At least one conversation after Brittleshin Pass

The Way to a Big Oaf's Heart
Talk to Callen at Nightgate Inn

The Loudest Whisper
Speak to Jaspar Gaerston in Dawnstar
Prerequisites - Must read Jaspar's book and speak to him about the Orc

The Way of the Nine
Listen to S'vashni's story about her duel with her master
Note: Having killed Orondil, Glathriel, Viranya, S'vashni, or Lleyara/Vahlokmir will break the quest

To Warm Sands
Find Kjoli outside of Shor's Stone - Going south toward Riften, on your left amidst the trees after passing Shor's Stone

Brother and Keeper
Talk to Raynes after recruiting him as a follower
Prerequisites - Must have spoken with Griffith previously

The Raven of Anvil
Speak with Orenius at the Penitus Oculatus outpost
Find the bard who plays "Dusk on Anvil Harbor" at the Old Hroldan Inn and request the song
This will open dialogue options that will eventually lead to starting the quest

Bards, Beasts, and Beauties
Bring Amalee to the Temple of Dibella and converse
Prerequisites - For Amalee to exist, you must have completed the first part of The Way of the Nine
Note: Having killed Edwayne or Skjarn previously will break the quest

Pit Dogs
Speak to Zora about Gorr's whereabouts
Prerequisites - Must have ran into Gorr in Markarth and induced him to wander Skyrim

Vigilance and Virtue
Speak to Viranya after receiving all the blessing in the Way of the Nine Quest
Prerequisites - Cannot be a vampire, you must have previously spoken to Among the Hist and Rinori

A Rose Without Thorns
Go to the Braidwood Inn in Kynesgrove
Prerequisities - Must have spoken to Erevan previously and started Diplomatic Immunity(to clear the Kynesgrove dragon and mimic passage of time)

The Sleeping Giant
Speak to Rumarin at an inn outside of Riverwood or Riften
Prerequisites - Having spoken with Fjona, helped Vald outside Moss Mother Cavern, and 1 quest/location based conversation with Rumarin

The Teleportation Machine
Kleppr at the Silver-Blood Inn will have a note sending you to Gloomreach
Prerequisites - Must have spoken with an NPC(spoilers so unnamed) in the Reach

Miscellaneous Quests
Mogo's Mead - Speak to Beatrice
The Elven Sword - Speak to Pelgurt at Candlehearth Hall
The Paper Mirror - Read Volume 1 of the Paper Mirror in Anise's Cabin Cellar
The Law Always Wins - Triggered by the initial dialogue with Raynes in Lost Echo Cave
Relic's Revival - Talk to Relic in Blackreach War Quarters
The Conspiracy of the 7000 Steps - Talk to Dar'Rakki in Ivarstead
The Carver and The Collector - Talk to Ytharil at barrow overlooking Dushnikh Yal and Reachwind Eyrie
Hunter's Quarry - Access both of Brakh's special location dialogues then talk to Keerava at the Bee and Barb
A Spell for Rumarin - Speak to Rumarin at an inn after Forgotten Lore, the Mages Guild Questline, and having at least 1 quest/location based conversation
A Rose Without Thorns - Enter Kynesgrove Braidwood Inn, must have spoken to Erevan and started Diplomatic Immunity(to clear the dragon from Kynesgrove)


Tears of the Hist(Composed by Arisen1)
Prerequisities - For all bards to play this, you must have completed Honor's Calling, and request the song from Fjona with Anum-La in your party

Dibella's Art(Composed by Anduniel)
Prerequisites - Completing Bards, Beasts, and Beauties, only Amalee will play this song.


Character Locations(Voiced in Parenthesis)

The Rift
Sadrin Reloro - Riften (Jay33721)
Dar'Rakki - Ivarstead (Jay33721)
Dagri'Lon - Riften Ratway Warrens (Jay33721)
Hagravi Gray-Wave - (DutchDude)
Peragorn - Snow-Shod Farm - (DutchDude)
Godrod the Hammer - Alchemist's Shack (Jonathan Murphy)
Gnives - The Ragged Flagon (Marc GP Cholette)
Lleyara - Mountains South of Angi's Camp (Viridiane)
Batheru - Rift Watchtower (Matthew Simmons aka MegapiemanPHD)
Dravos - Rift Watchtower (Nextmastermind)
Ureni - Sarethi Farm (Adoxographist)
Among the Hist - Boulderfall Cave (FedoraAndRapier)
Skjel the Gray - Lost Prospect Mine (Jay33721)
Jade - Temple of Mara (Marcy Edwards)
Olette - Riften Marketplace (Arisen1)
Dirassi - Mistveil Keep (Cassandra Wladyslava)
Yushari - Temple of Mara

Rongeir - Windhelm (Giramor)
Gromash - Narzulbur (Nextmastermind)
Fjona's Familiar - Abandoned Prison (Jay33721)
Haakon Iron-Fist - Windhelm Barracks (Euther)
Rinori - Windhelm (jezdamayel)
Griffith - Mixwater Mill Worker's House (Aranas)
Morrigan - Mixwater Mill Worker's House (Arisen1)
Iris the Elder - Darkwater Crossing (Lila Paws)
Fareloth - Kynesgrove Braidwood Inn (Ed Waldorph)
Wander-Lust - Argonian Assembalge on Morndas (Lila Paws)
Erevan - Kynesgrove Braidwood Inn (Colin James Fuller aka Rhinjavar)
Morviah Hlaalu - Windhelm Cornerclub, Hlaalu Farm (Lila Paws)
Efram - Windhelm Cornerclub upon completion of Raven of Anvil Quest (Randy Westbrook)
Valla - Candlehearth Hall

Whiterun Hold
Zarlak - North Skybound Watch (Giramor) [Must be Dragonborn]
Zora Fair-Child - Brittleshin Pass (Viridiane)
Hjoromir - Riverwood (Paxson Helgesen @thatpaxguy)
Larkspur - Whiterun Dragonsreach Dungeon (Darksun45230)
Averna - Whiterun Dragonsreach Dungeon (Jay33721)
Gorr - Riverwood Sleeping Giant Inn (Nile Zam Jones)
Sonja - Rorikstead (avareeno VA asmithhers)
Iria - Whiterun Hall of the Dead (Adoxographist)
Leifan - Lund's Hut (Corey Hall)
Eldar - Whitewatch Tower and Whiterun (James "Biggs" Highfield)
Eldawyn - Whiterun Dragonsreach (Natalie Loftus)
Fjord - Mountain camp south of Riverwood (J. Guerra aka Guinolas)
Zajhirra - Rorikstead

Fironet - Solitude Winking Skeever (alienslikechocolate)
Orondil - Thalmor HQ Solitude (Jay33721)
Salty-Throat - East Empire Company Solitude (DOPR5)
Jadro'Ra - QUEST CONTINGENT - See below for location (Giramor)
Nitter - Solitude Lighthouse (Tom Shortridge)
Norgrof Oak-Heart - Solitude Blue Palace (J. Guerra aka Guinolas)
Orenius - Dragon Bridge Penitus Oculatus Outpost (Edward Schreiber aka Doktor haus)
Nythriel - Solitude Blue Palace (Lila Paws)
Skjarn - Dragon Bridge Four Shields Tavern (Giramor)
Valgus - Steed Stone (Aranas)
Veralene - Solitude and Markarth (Marcy Edwards)
Gilsi - Dragon Bridge Four Shields Tavern (Deedee Harwood)
Raynes - Lost Echo Cave (MalevolentMC)
Morndas - Solitude Castle Dour Dungeon
K'avald - Solitude

The Reach(Markarth)
Jeerah-Nur - Markarth Warrens (Aranas)
Clario Moorsley - Understone Keep Kitchen (reecpj)
Beatrice - Camp north of Druadach Redoubt (Arisen1)
Urzub - Camp north of Druadach Redoubt (Nile Zam Jones)
Two-Tails - Reachwind Eyrie (Nile Zam Jones)
Jolene - Markarth Temple of Dibella (Marcy Edwards)
Okapi - Karthwasten (Draginite)
Lundvar - Markarth (David Bodtcher)
Gerrod - Cliffside Retreat (David Bodtcher)
Tellevi - Karthwasten and Sky Haven Temple (Lila Paws)
Duraz gra-Bashnag - Old Hroldan Inn
Asteria - Old Hroldan Inn (Kelly Camelio)
Yseld - Four Skull Lookout (Kaityln Harwood)
Sylphiron - Arnleif Trading Sons and Company (Grace Darkling recorded courtesy of MGV Productions)
Ynvar - Four Skull Lookout (Lila Paws)
Ytharil - Barrow overlooking Dushnikh Yal and Reachwind Eyrie

The Pale(Dawnstar)
Jaspar Gaerston - Dawnstar Lighthouse (Aranas)
Bergrisar - Red Road Pass (Nile Zam Jones)
Viranya - Hall of the Vigilant (jezdamayel)
Moris the Draugr - Nightgate Inn (DOPR5)
Callen - Nightgate Inn (Viridiane)
Frik - Dawnstar Sea Squall (Matthew Wade)
Thorolf - Dawnstar (Arisen1)
Tikrid - Dawnstar [Rescue from Snowpoint Beacon first] (Anduniel aka Anna Castiglioni)

Al'Hassan - Morthal Outside Falion's House (Brian Wood)
Ingarte - Morthal Moorside Inn (Lila Paws)
Anum-La the Swamp Knight - Tree south of Folgunthur (Lila Paws)
Drelas - Drelas Cottage [Must be Dragonborn] (Corey Hall)
Iorel - Lost Valkygg [Labyrinthian]

Eleanor Book-Worm - The Arcanaeum (Stormbringer246)
Vigram - Winterhold Abandoned Housing and Inn (Julian Shanahan aka night_ranger26)
Qa'Dojo - Whistling Mine, Azura's shrine, and Winterhold (Nile Zam Jones)
Olivia - The Arcanaeum (Kelly Camelio)
Rumarin - Yogrim's Overlook then Windhelm Stables (Jay33721)
Kianna - Journeyman's Nook (Kelly Parrish)
Mugnor - College of Winterhold Hall of Attainment

Falkreath Hold
Melea Entius - Falkreath (Aricole)
Glathriel - East of Evergreen Grove (Alex721)
Carmella - Conjurer Table West of Mage's Stone (jezdamayel)
S'vashni - Peak's Shade Tower (Giramor)
Fjona - Greywater Grotto then Riften (Arisen1)
Jerulith - Falkreath Dead Man's Drink (Marcy Edwards)
Brakh - Collapsed Tower North of Knifepoint Ridge (Jacob McAuliffe)
Lyrik - Falkreath Barracks Jail (Lunivere)
Isobel - Falkreath Lod's House (Anduniel aka Anna Castiglioni)

Relic - War Quarters (Jay33721)

Quest NPCs
Offryn - The Radiant Dark (Zaf)
Vinnius - The Radiant Dark (Julian Tierney)
Felena - The Radiant Dark (Kelly Camelio - cast but not voiced)
Helsig - The Radiant Dark (Kaitlyn Harwood)
Flin Horstad - The Loudest Whisper (Zaf)
Amalee - The Way of the Nine (Anduniel aka Anna Castiglioni)
Bodan - Honor's Calling (Cain Manoli)
Dalum-Ei - Honor's Calling (Trent "StellarCircleFive" Martin)
Marigoth - The Children Fair (Lila Paws)
Devran - Mogo's Mead (David Bodtcher)
Garrett - The Way of the Nine (Jay33721)
Puck - The Way of the Nine (Trent "Stellarcirclefive" Martin)
Elenthil - The Way of the Nine (Marcy Edwards)
Vaughn - The Way of the Nine (Elijah Lucien)
The Fair Lady - Pit Dogs (Lila Paws)
Ignatius - Pit Dogs (Lunivere)
Valenor - Pit Dogs
Benild - The Elven Sword (Marcy Edwards)
Theron - The Paper Mirror (Randy Westbrook)
Efram - Raven of Anvil Epilogue (Randy Westbrook)
Aldi - The Machine
Camaron - The Machine
Jsharr - Pit Dogs
Alendriel - The Sleeping Giant
Pelgurt - The Elven Sword


Super Followers
Qa'Dojo - Whistling Mine, Azura's shrine, and Winterhold (Nile Zam Jones)
Rumarin - Yogrim's Overlook then Windhelm Stables (Jay33721)
Dagri'Lon - Riften Ratway Warrens (Jay33721)
Zora Fair-Child - Brittleshin Pass (Viridiane)
Valgus - Steed Stone (Aranas)
Anum-La the Swamp Knight - Tree south of Folgunthur (Lila Paws)
Amalee - The Way of the Nine Quest (Anduniel aka Anna Castiglioni)
Morndas - Solitude Castle Dour Dungeon

Normal Followers
Gorr - Riverwood Sleeping Giant Inn (Nile Zam Jones)
Hjoromir - Riverwood (Paxson Helgesen @thatpaxguy)
Larkspur - Whiterun Dragonsreach Dungeon (Darksun45230)
Skjarn - Dragon Bridge Four Shields Tavern (Giramor)
Callen - Nightgate Inn (Viridiane)
Skjel the Gray - Lost Prospect Mine (Jay33721)
Among the Hist - Boulderfall Cave (FedoraandRapier)
Brakh - Collapsed Tower North of Knifepoint Ridge (Jacob McAuliffe)
Jade - Temple of Mara (Marcy Edwards)
Duraz gra-Bashnag - Old Hroldan Inn
Raynes - Lost Echo Cave (MalevolentMC)
Helsig - The Radiant Dark Quest (Kaitlyn Harwood)
Tikrid - Snowpoint Beacon (Anduniel aka Anna Castiglioni)

Follower Mod Version Voice Type
Skjel the Gray(MaleYoungEager)
Among the Hist(MaleArgonian)


Marriage NPCs
Veralene - Female, Bisexual - Markarth and Solitude
Valgus - Male, Straight - Steed Stone, Military Camps and Temple of Kynareth (Must have taken Valgus to cemetery and told him to move on with his life, Must own Vanilla house)
Tikrid - Female, Bisexual - Snowpoint Beacon and Dawnstar (Must own Vanilla house)
Rumarin - Male, Bisexual - Yogrim's Overlook and Windhelm Stables - Must own Vanilla house and Had 1 Location Based Commentary
Isobel - Female, Bisexual - Falkreath Lod's House (Must be Thane of Falkreath and pass Dialogue Checks)
Zora - Female, Straight - Brittleshin Pass and Riverwood (Must beat Main quest, have 1 location conversation, and show romantic interest)
Gorr - Male, Bisexual - Riverwood (Requires having met Gorr south of Ivarstead and Markarth after follower dismissal)
Raynes - Male, Gay - Lost Echo Cave (Must do inn conversation about Barenziah. Must own Vanilla house)
Amalee - Female, Lesbian - Part of the Way of Nine Quest, requires completion of Bards, Beasts, and Beauties
SweetRoll - Male, Orc - Radiant Dark Quest, must side with Radiant Dark


Special Dialogue Locations
Zora Fair-Child - Riverwood, Solitude, Markarth Silver Blood Inn(Ogmund must be in the inn)
Qa'Dojo - Hall of the Vigilant, Whiterun Eldergleam, Winterhold
Valgus - Near most graveyards, Military Camps, the Arcanaeum
Brakh - Hunter's Rest, Shrine of Boethiah
Gorr - After departing Riverwood, can be found at small unatent south of Ivarstead, then Markarth, then random locations
Skjarn and Edwayne - Special dialogue for both after bringing Skjarn to Edwayne
Morndas - Riften, Whiterun

The Stone Hand - Al'Hassan's Blacksmith Shop in Morthal
The Conspiracy of the 7000 Steps - Zarlak's Table in North Skybound Watch
The Duke of Beards - Rorikstead Frostfruit Inn
Mortar, Pestle, & Pot - Understone Keep Kitchen

Lathgwen Journals
1. Greywater Grotto
2. Sleeping Giant Inn
3. Beatrice and Urzub's Camp
4. Winking Skeever(Talk to Corpulus - Forgotten Lore must be completed)
5. The Chill(Winterhold Prison)
6. Ratway Warrens


Super Follower Bonus Conversations (Not all Voiced)

Mages Guild Questline
Under Saarthal - Dagri'lon
Hitting the Books - Qa'Dojo
The Eye of Magnus - Anum-La, Zora Fair-Child, Rumarin, Morndas, Valgus

Laid to Rest - Zora Fair-Child(Voiced), Anum-La(Voiced), Dagri'Lon(Voiced)

The Forsworn Conspiracy - Qa'Dojo(Voiced), Rumarin(Voiced), Morndas

Companions Questline
- Rumarin, Anum-La, Qa'Dojo, Zora, Morndas

Thieves Guild Questline
A Chance Arrangement - Zora Fair-Child(95% voiced), Morndas
Dampened Spirits - Rumarin(Voiced)
Trinity Restored - Qa'Dojo
Darkness Returns - Dagri'lon(Voiced)
Under New Management - Morndas

Main Quest
Dragon Rising [Before Following Irileth] - Zora Fair-Child, Anum-La, Valgus, Rumarin
Climb the Steps [During or After the Klimmek Supply Quest] - Anum-La, Qa'Dojo
The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller - Rumarin, Zora Fair-Child, Valgus, Morndas
A Blade in the Dark - Anum-La, Zora Fair-Child
The World-Eater's Eyrie [Prior to leaving for Sovngarde] - All
Post Main Quest - All

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