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UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul(v1.8 Skyrim or higher required)

UFO is a set of tools and enhancements to the followers system that will allow for better control and usability of followers.

Make it simple, so it works even for people that don't read description instruction.
Give new and expand existing follower options.
Fix broken stuff from vanilla.
Make it easy to use...
Ensure compatibility with most type of mods.

a)You know... (a dialogue branch containing various options depending on NPC you are interacting with)
--You are important./Everyone dies... (Set follower essential so that it takes damage, but only goes down on one knee or mortal. Mortal = can be killed and does not regenerate hp)
--You could dress better. (Converts unmovable, invisible outfit follower has to regular gear that can be removed so followers will wear whatever player places in their inventory)
--Relax for a while./Time to go. (Follower stay on the location doing various things. If set to mortal, relaxing regenerates health as of 1.1b)
--In combat mistakes happen. Forgive and forget./Anyone hurts you, make them pay.(Set follower to react/ignore friendly hits by player)
--You are naked... (Makes a naked follower dress)
--Speaking of magic... (a branch containing dialogue concerning magic)
----Study that book, you will find it useful. (Make follower use a spell tome from inventory to learn a spell[vanilla])
----Forget you ever knew magic. It is a vile art. (Make follower forget learned spells)
--I need your help./You are dismissed. (Recruit/dismiss guards from party. Requires you be a Thane and have a houscarl with you)
--Nothing, sorry. (End conversation.)
b)So what are you good at? (Will display follower statistics with current equipment bonuses)
c)Train some, you are weak... (Will level up follower statistics to match current level)

2)Follower Limit -- Amount of followers you can have accompany you has been raised to 15 (not including dogs or quest NPCs). This limit is shared with the number of followers you can have relaxing at place of your choosing.

3)Riding for followers -- 8 follower horses can be found at major cities and stables around Skyrim for followers to ride.
Gear for horses can be bought at Whiterun Stable.
From Skulvar at Whiterun stable you can buy:
-- [Horse Tack] Basic Gear -- When placed in UFO horse inventory: UFO Horse will follow you while you are mounted, fast travel after you while you are mounted. Followers will port ahead and horses will come after you wait for 1h. Price: 1000 gold
-- [Horse Tack] Martingale -- When placed in UFO horse Inventory: UFO Horse will wait in place when dismounted. Used to leave horses at desired locations. Price: 200 gold
-- [Horse] Interact -- Also you can get training in horse handling. This will add "[Horse] Interact" item to your inventory. Equip it in hand and use on UFO horse. This will open UFO horse Inventory. Price: 500 gold [As of 1.2g works on players horse too.]
UFO horses with no Horse Tackle will go back to location you found them once dismounted.
-- While mounted--
Follower and horse will fast travel with player [with 1.6 followers will fast travel ahead of horses, waiting 1h will port horses to your location. being worked on atm to restore old functionality.]
Follower horses will follow the lead horse when ridden by player (allows you to relocate horses)
Followers will not engage in combat unless player is attacked
Using Relax Voice Command 2x(twice) will command followers to dismount (should you not wish to wait for them to dismount on their own)
--Not mounted--
Follower horses will not fast travel
Follower Horses will stay on location where they were dismounted by follower

5)Group commands:
Book "Field Command" found in Breezehome will teach you voice commands. They are used as any voice power pressing Z(voice cast button by default).
- Can be bought from Skulvar at Whiterun Stable. Requirements: 50 Speechcraft, 5000 gold (1.2f)
--Command Relax (All followers within range will enter sandbox behavior waiting on the location and doing different things. Group relax does regenerate mortal followers. Use again for followers to stop relaxing)
--Command Stop (All followers withing range will receive wait order. Use again for followers to start following you.)
--Command Flee (If battle is going poorly command your followers to flee. They will disengage and run after player. Use again to stop fleeing behavior. While fleeing followers will not use horses.)
--Command Stop Fighting (Should followers start fighting among themselves this will shout them to a stop.)
TIP: Commands can be hotkeyed to number buttons for faster use (in my case i bound them to 5,6,7, 8 buttons and i cast them by Q)

a)Houscarls --All houscarls will move to their towns player house when you purchase it
b)Level caps --Level limits have been removed on vanilla followers (some possibly require new game for level limit to be gone depending on type of npc introduction to the world)
c)Dual wield -- All followers can dual wield if given appropriate weaponry
d)Gender animations -- All follower animations are gender appropriate (example of Lydia by default using male animations)
e)Weapon drawing -- Followers draw weapons in combat and no longer each time a player does.
f)Sneaking -- Followers will not engage while sneaking, unless spotted or combat starts.
g)Marriage -- All followers have been marked with flag to be available for marriage.
h)Bow/arrows -- Endlessly spawning bow and arrows have been removed

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