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Deadly Dragons is a mod that aims to largely overhaul Dragons. Making dragons the feared & powerful creatures they are within The Elder Scrolls lore... Besides, if a lone giant or small group of bandits can take down a dragon, then why is there any need for the Dragonborn?

By installing this mod you agree to participate in epic challenging battles with dragons. Deadly Dragons can and will provide you with a great challenge where your strength, wits, and cunning will decide if you survive the battle or be forgotten in the annals of the Elder Scrolls. Utilize every skill and item at your disposal to survive the battle, and when it's over, revel in the knowledge that YOU are the one being in T.E.S. world that can slay a dragon.

With each and every new version you can expect new content/tweaks/improvements. If you wish to have stronger dragons as well as NEW DRAGONS, with DIFFERENT shouts and DIFFERENT TEXTURES then this mod is just for you!


Don't want any new dragons? Try the «Loremonger Edition» of Deadly Dragons. This new, stripped down, simpler version of D.D. only has the Vanilla + Dawnguard dragons. All the same options as standard D.D. but no fancy new dragons or abilities. Also includes Bellyche's incredible retouched textures from Bethesda's Hi-Res Texture Pack DLC. Also, Alduin is now the most powerful dragon in the game.

The Armory and Spells have been moved to seperate mod pages!

In addition to Skyrims 5 vanilla dragons, fourteen *new* dragons have been added to the leveled lists in the game. You can encounter these dragons at as early as level 10, all the way up to level 70. The higher level you reach, the more impressive the dragon will be. New dragons are all visually different from there vanilla counterparts, and from each other.
These new dragons all have there own breath attacks, spells, and shouts that are specific to that dragon. Vanilla dragons now have a new abilities as well, this can be toggled through configuration menu. Dragons now have a single elemental resistances appropriate to their «type». Frost & Fire & Shock dragons are 50% resistant to there respective element. Undead dragons have a 50% poison and disease resistance.

Once you've installed Deadly Dragons, you will now have a hidden menu system in your game. This menu can only be accessed through a specific console command, type: set DDconfig to 1 into your command console and press Enter, then close the console. A new menu will display after 1-2 seconds. From this hidden menu, you can completely customize dragon health, armor, melee damage, breath damage, and assault system frequency as you see fit. These settings are set to a minimum of 100% by default when you install the mod, which are the same values as the original game. Breath damage can be increased in 25% intervals, up to 300%; melee damage, attributes, armor rating and magic resistance can be increased in 25% intervals.

The «Monsters» and «Humanoids» options of the configuration menu have been removed. Now it's a stand-alone mod called «Deadly Dragons Addon».

Once you've finished making your changes, there is an «Overview» section that will show you an overview of all your current selections. If you're uncomfortable using the command console, a new shrine has been added to the Dragonsreach main hall, located on the 2nd floor balcony. You may use this to activate the customization menu as well.

Lastly, the changes made by using this menu will not work «on-the-fly». If an enemy is inside your current cell (general area) and you make changes, those changes will not take effect until you leave your current cell and come back, or spawn new dragons/NPC's. If you turn up dragon health/damage in the middle of a fight for example, those changes will not take affect until the NEXT dragon that you encounter.

Note:Hard & Insane presets are recommended for experienced players who seek the ultimate challenge. Level +30/50 characters with the proper equipment and elemental resistances.

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