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Battlestar Galactica Colonial Wars is a partial conversion of the game Star Wars Empire at war Forces of corruption. The Mod adds various space and gorund units to the game and adds the Colonial Side and the Cylons into the game. The ship is focused on the story which is available at, this is a brief story seeting together how the alliances came about and just how the Cylons and the Colonials have met in this galaxy with other factions.

The Mod is run by Byron and most of the Modelling Coding and Skinning is done by Major a Payne Co-Leader, Stanton is also another modeller and skinner who has been working hard to bring you some nice ships. At this present time we are still indeed looking for team members, weather you can code or animate we want you, here is a full list on the Jobs Currently Available:

Animator(s)- For Ground and some Space Units (Gorund Units Especially)
Skinner(s)- To Texture Structures, Units and Straships
Coder(s)-Coding all the necessary XML's
Mapper(s)-Designing and testing the Galactic Conquest Maps
Modeler(s)- In order to create the ships of contents for the mod

If you are interested in a job an would like to become part of the Team either PM my moddb account or email me on, when applying for a job please post or reply like this:

Our mod is currently starting Version 3 of the mod Version 2.1 is availble to download from this profile on the top of this page, Version 3 is currently set to be released in October but this is only a mear estimate as the mod production has slowed down due to absence and less free time, the mod will still be of its high standard and regular updates of models and information will be posted often.

Battlestar Galactica Colonial Wars i know an affiliate of, this website is a fan base webpage for people who love Battlestar Galactica, come over and join the webpage is amazing.

Battlestar Galactica Colonial wars is know getting a new webpage this webpage should be online at a brand NEW web addresse and this web page will contain secreenshots, galleries, the story and also list of team members and jobs available.
The new webpage was created by Byron The mod leader and a link wil be posted so that you can check it out when it is updated.Here is a link to the new webpage

The Forums Have now moved to visit and join today.

We are very grateful to all of our affiliates and fans who have downloaded our mod, we love to see that so many of you have taken interest in the mod and love to see suggestions and a lot of good comments about this mod, this is why our mod has been so successful, the Fans are the main reason why people love our mod and we are truly grateful for that.

I mod Leader of this mod would like to report to you that we hope to place a brand NEW Campaign Map for both the Cylons and the Colonial side, what and when this will take place is unknown but i have recently began work on it and i am determined to see that this will work.

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