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This is the FoC Realistic Galactic Civil War mod, This mod is here to get the gameplay and the different type of units as close to the
actual movies and Star Wars canon as possible. This Mod takes place in the Realistic Galactic Civil War Era and is intended to get it as close to that war as possible.

This Means you can aid the following Factions: The Galactic Empire (to bring order to the galaxy), The Alliance (to restore the Republic and bring peace to the Galaxy) and the Black Sun Pirates to Smuggle and Steal your way through to Control The Galaxy.

The Mini Mod has already been released and is also donwloadable below. The Mini Mod is here to give you an Impression of how the Full/Final release is going to be like. Description of the Mini Mod:

This is the Mini Mod for the FoC Realistic Galactic Civil War mod. This version focusses a lot on new changes with the Ships.
This version has some new units and some new units that are different types of units from the original FoC game. It also adds a lot of
Space Skirmish maps, and all the Old Galactic Conquest maps are changed and the known bugs have been fixed. The goal of this version
is to get the game even closer to the Star Wars canon and that's why every ship in this version has their Stats as close to canon as possible. Like the Amount of Hardpoints for example (Which doesn't make any lags at all).

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