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Battlestar Galactica Colonial Wars V5
Authors: BGCW team
Battlestar Galactica Colonial Wars is a mod for Star Wars Empire at war Forces of Corruption, over a period of a year we have release 5 major releases including this one, which will be the final release of the mod. Battlestar Galactica Colonial Wars is a United Modding Group affiliated mod and was produced and made by the very skilled modder Major a Payne, his hard work and devotion to the project have brought us a new mod to the community, and i as the mod leader would like to thank him for all his hard work.

So i Suppose your wondering whats changed in V5, well take a look at this copy of the readme file:-
- Consortium capital ship error (this error also effects other ships for Rebel/Imperial sides): - Missing reference name for hardpoints caused ships under attack to loose ALL hardpoints and not just the one that was being targetted. Hardpoint XML files edited and retested. FIXED ( website v4.5 download: Konerok_Hadorak named member).
- Number 6 encyclopedia entry fix. Advanced Tie Bomber text entry correction.
- Cain visible through FOW fixed (now hidden). Thrawn visible through FOW fixed (now hidden).
- Relentless deathclone fixed (now disappears as it should).
- Space mining facility level 3/4 text entries fixed.
- Spelling error corrections.
- Rebel Assault groups now showing in GC.
- Fixed problem with the Hero bar, hero ring wasn't appearing, the MT Commander bar has had the Empire/Rebel Hero ring added and they now appear.
- NEW Splash_uk and Splash Screens and also new Menuback Overlay screens
- Bezerk Fleet Support vessel added.
- Trinity Class added.
- Level 5 space based mining facility upgrade added (now produces 100% Rebel/Imperial and 105% ZC income).
- Updated both hero Boomer Raptor and Admiral Cain sensor ping (extended time and ping radius).
- Imperium Class hardpoint update (previous firing was not productive).
- Consortium space skirmish units changed. Now should provide more strength to equal other factions.
- Fury MKI added to Skirmish.
- Tie Interceptor replaces Tie Fighter after Starbase Level 2 in skirmish.
- All faction skirmish turrets available to all sides.
- Aurra Sing hero space based unit added to ZC side.
- 5 Custom Galactic Campaigns added to the game.

Well the mod has seen a lot through its time and as a first mod i assisted with production it has been great. As many fans of United Modding Group and BSG Colonial Wars should know there will be a total conversion mod coming late this year, it will totally convert the game into the Battlestar Galactica universe and i hope that you will enjoy it, it will contain new campaigns units better graphics and gameplay.

So i hope you all enjoy this final version of BSG Colonial Wars please refer to the readme file before commencing the game installed with this mod.

BSG Colonial Wars V5- The Final Release- The Gold Release

I myself would like to thank all the fans of BSG Colonial Wars for all their support over the time the mod has been running, without you this mod would have probably died in its early days of announcing.

Mod Leader
UMG Founder

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