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Hello, this is my first mod. This mod adds many of Warb_null's legacy-era units, as well as improving the way most pre-existing space units look, using parts of the FX mod. The old galactic conquests are enabled, and a few new ones are have been added. Also, a more in-depth economy system is implemented.

Some info about the Legacy era: This is the time period from 40 ABY past 137 ABY, after the Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War, Yuuzhan Vong War, and Dark Nest Crisis.

The forums are now up!

Problem fixed, all work resumed.

Unit list (old and new) and changes (not all are done or added in yet)-
^Not complete yet


TIE Bomber (Tech 1)

TIE Scout (Tech 1)

TIE Interceptor (Tech 2)

TIE Defender (Tech 2)

Scimitar Assault Bomber (Tech 3)

TIE Phantom (Tech 3)

TIE Predator (Tech 4)

TIE Neutralizer (Tech 4)

Fury-Class Star Fighter (Tech 4)


Tartan Patrol Cruiser (Tech 1)

Carrack Light Cruiser (Tech 2)


EF76 Nebulon-B Frigate (Tech 1)

Immobilizer 418 Cruiser (Tech 2)

Vindicator Cruiser (Tech 2)

Victory III-Class Star Destroyer (Tech 3)

Sith Destroyer (Tech 4)

Ardent-Class Fast Frigate (Tech 4)

Capital Ships

Imperial-I Class Star Destroyer (Tech 2)

Interdictor-Class Star Destroyer (Tech 2)

Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer (Tech 3)

Pellaeon-Class Star Destroyer (Tech 4)

Aramadia-Class Super Star Destroyer (Tech 4)

Nemesis-Class Super Star Destroyer (Tech 4)



X-Wing (Tech 1)

Y-Wing (Tech 1)

A-Wing (Tech 2)

B-Wing (Tech 2)

StealthX (Tech 2)

E-Wing (Tech 3)

K-Wing (Tech 3)

CF9 Crossfire (Tech 4)

X-83 TwinTail (Tech 4)

BB-2 Starfire (Tech 4)


CR90 Corvette (Tech 1)

DP20 Gunship (Tech 2)


EF76 Nebulon-B (Tech 1)

Alliance Assault Frigate Mk. II (Tech 2)

MC30c Frigate (Tech 3)

CC-9600 Frigate (Tech 3)

Sabertooth (Tech 4)

Sha Shore-Class Frigate (Tech 4)

Tri-Scythe Frigate (Tech 4)

Capital Ships

MC80 Liberty Type (Tech 2)

MC80 Home One Type (Tech 2)

Republic-Class Star Destroyer (Tech 3)

Defender/Nebula-Class Star Destroyer (Tech 3)

Scythe-Class Main Battle Cruiser (Tech 4)

Aramadia-Class Super Star Destroyer (Tech 4)

Viscount-Class Star Defender (Tech 4)



TIE Droid (Tech 1)

Nssis Claw-craft (Tech 1)

Dianoga Bomber (Tech 1)

Dagger Starfighter (Tech 2)

Skipray Blastboat (Tech 2)

Delta-7B (Tech 3)

Missileboat (Tech 3)

TIE Aggressor (Tech 4)

TIE Oppressor (Tech 4)

Morningstar B (Tech 4)


IPV Mk. II (Tech 1)

Crusader Gunship (Tech 2)


Victory II-Class Frigate (Tech 1)

Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser (Tech 2)

Vengeance-Class Frigate (Tech 3)

Munificent-Class Star Frigate (Tech 4)

Recusant-Class Light Destroyer (Tech 4)

Capital Ships

Providence-Class Carrier/Destroyer (Tech 2)

Aggressor-Class Destroyer (Tech 3)

Kedalbe Battleship (Tech 4)

Lucrehulk Communications Ship (Tech 4)

Mandator Mk. II (Tech 4)

Corellia-Only Ships
-Corellian Dragon Interceptor
-CR95 Patrol Ship
-CC-5440 Light Corellian Frigate
-CC-5800 Medium Corellian Frigate
-Corellia-Class Star Cruiser
-Puissance-Class Heavy Destroyer

Economy Ships
-Merchant Venator (w/ Invaders and Beshes)
-Y-8 Mining Vessel

-Shipyard System: Light for fighters/corvettes, medium for frigates, and heavy for the main capital ships (Heavy one only buidable on Kuat, Fondor, Mon Calimari, Mandalore, and Sullust).
-Better models, particles, explosions
-Enabled old EAW Galactic Conquests
-Higher space tactical population
-Use of some of the props from Yoden's Prop Pack
-Rescaling of some units, mostly fighters
-Some other changes
-Faster Projectiles
-New ISD MK II Ion cannon projectiles from ACM mod, with permission

(This mod is not close to being finished yet)

Some tasks to do:
Code in Republic-Star Destroyer (Completed of 9/20/09)
Code in Nebula/Defender-Class Star Destroyer (Completed 9/21/09)
Code in Implacable-Class Star Battlecruiser (Completed 10/11/09)
Code in CC-9600 (Completed 10/12/09)
Code in Aramadia Super Star Destroyer (Completed 12/06/09)
Code in Vindicator (Completed 9/26/09)
Add in the Viscount (Completed 10/10/09)
Code in MC-80 (Completed 10/17/09)
Code in CEC ships (Completed 11/28/09)
Code in new ISD 1 (Completed 11/1/09)
Code in new ISD 2 (Completed 11/4/09)
Code in Victory MK III (Completed 11/7/09)
And other things.


Help with coding and especially modeling, as well as other areas, would be useful.

I have permission to use graphics from the FX Mod, granted by FiloVanWela.

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