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In light of some confusion about the Beta, I will try to clear some things up. Please read this if you are experiencing problems!

For those who can't get it to start:
Make sure you've followed everything correctly-
1. Create a folder in the mods folder of FoC, name it whatever you want, but I suggest "Legacy, or "LegacyBeta," or LegacyModBeta."
2. Extract the files there
3. Right click the shortcut, and go to properties, and the shortcut tab. Make sure the shortcut has the target says modpath=mods"whatever you named the folder", then double click to play; or, use the mod launcher to start the mod, which I suggest more.

Make sure you spell correctly! Otherwise it will not work.

I suggest using the mod launcher instead-it's less complicated than using or editing the shortcut. But the site to download it from is down right now.

This shouldn't really be that complicated to get working. If you still have problems with getting it to start then I can't do much more to help.

Remeber to not combine it with other mods, unless you know what you are doing.

Now for the green models: it really makes no sense why this is happening. Only some people are reporting this, so it doesn't appear to be the uploaded files doing this- the beta testers and I, and some others haven't experienced these problems. All I can say is to make sure that the fx folder has SEVEN files and one folder with nothing in it. That would be the source of the problem.

Well, that's really all I can say/do to help for now.

Unit list (old and new) and changes (not all are done or added in yet)-
^Not complete yet


TIE Bomber (Tech 1)

TIE Scout (Tech 1)

TIE Interceptor (Tech 2)

TIE Defender (Tech 2)

Scimitar Assault Bomber (Tech 3)

TIE Phantom (Tech 3)

TIE Predator (Tech 4)

TIE Neutralizer (Tech 4)

Fury-Class Star Fighter (Tech 4)


Tartan Patrol Cruiser (Tech 1)

Carrack Light Cruiser (Tech 2)


EF76 Nebulon-B Frigate (Tech 1)

Immobilizer 418 Cruiser (Tech 2)

Vindicator Cruiser (Tech 2)

Victory III-Class Star Destroyer (Tech 3)

Sith Destroyer (Tech 4)

Ardent-Class Fast Frigate (Tech 4)

Capital Ships

Imperial-I Class Star Destroyer (Tech 2)

Interdictor-Class Star Destroyer (Tech 2)

Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer (Tech 3)

Pellaeon-Class Star Destroyer (Tech 4)

Aramadia-Class Super Star Destroyer (Tech 4)

Nemesis-Class Super Star Destroyer (Tech 4)



X-Wing (Tech 1)

Y-Wing (Tech 1)

A-Wing (Tech 2)

B-Wing (Tech 2)

StealthX (Tech 2)

E-Wing (Tech 3)

K-Wing (Tech 3)

CF9 Crossfire (Tech 4)

X-83 TwinTail (Tech 4)

BB-2 Starfire (Tech 4)


CR90 Corvette (Tech 1)

DP20 Gunship (Tech 2)


EF76 Nebulon-B (Tech 1)

Alliance Assault Frigate Mk. II (Tech 2)

MC30c Frigate (Tech 3)

Sabertooth (Tech 4)

Sha Shore-Class Frigate (Tech 4)

Tri-Scythe Frigate (Tech 4)

Capital Ships

MC80 Liberty Type (Tech 2)

MC80 Home One Type (Tech 2)

Republic-Class Star Destroyer (Tech 3)

Defender/Nebula-Class Star Destroyer (Tech 3)

Scythe-Class Main Battle Cruiser (Tech 4)

Aramadia-Class Super Star Destroyer (Tech 4)

Viscount-Class Star Defender (Tech 4)



TIE Droid (Tech 1)

Nssis Claw-craft (Tech 1)

Dianoga Bomber (Tech 1)

Dagger Starfighter (Tech 2)

Skipray Blastboat (Tech 2)

Delta-7B (Tech 3)

Missileboat (Tech 3)

TIE Aggressor (Tech 4)

TIE Oppressor (Tech 4)

Morningstar B (Tech 4)


IPV Mk. II (Tech 1)

Crusader Gunship (Tech 2)


Victory II-Class Frigate (Tech 1)

Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser (Tech 2)

Vengeance-Class Frigate (Tech 3)

Munificent-Class Star Frigate (Tech 4)

Recusant-Class Light Destroyer (Tech 4)

Capital Ships

Providence-Class Carrier/Destroyer (Tech 2)

Aggressor-Class Destroyer (Tech 3)

Kedalbe Battleship (Tech 4)

Lucrehulk Communications Ship (Tech 4)

Mandator Mk. II (Tech 4)

Corellia-Only Ships
-Corellian Dragon Interceptor
-CR95 Patrol Ship
-CC-5440 Light Corellian Frigate
-CC-5800 Medium Corellian Frigate
-Corellia-Class Star Cruiser
-Puissance-Class Heavy Destroyer

Economy Ships
-Merchant Venator (w/ Invaders and Beshes)
-Y-8 Mining Vessel

-Shipyard System: Light for fighters/corvettes, medium for frigates, and heavy for the main capital ships (Heavy one only buidable on Kuat, Fondor, Mon Calimari, Mandalore, and Sullust).
-Better models, particles, explosions
-Enabled old EAW Galactic Conquests
-Higher space tactical population
-Use of some of the props from Yoden's Prop Pack
-Rescaling of some units, mostly fighters
-Some other changes
-Faster Projectiles
-New ISD MK II Ion cannon projectiles from ACM mod, with permission

(This mod is not close to being finished yet)

Some tasks to do:
Code in Republic-Star Destroyer (Completed of 9/20/09)
Code in Nebula/Defender-Class Star Destroyer (Completed 9/21/09)
Code in Implacable-Class Star Battlecruiser (Completed 10/11/09)
Code in CC-9600 (Completed 10/12/09)
Code in Aramadia Super Star Destroyer (Completed 12/06/09)
Code in Vindicator (Completed 9/26/09)
Add in the Viscount (Completed 10/10/09)
Code in MC-80 (Completed 10/17/09)
Code in CEC ships (Completed 11/28/09)
Code in new ISD 1 (Completed 11/1/09)
Code in new ISD 2 (Completed 11/4/09)
Code in Victory MK III (Completed 11/7/09)
And other things.


Help with coding and especially modeling, as well as other areas, would be useful.

I have permission to use graphics from the FX Mod, granted by FiloVanWela.

Legacy Mod Gamma Version Patch (v0.7)

Okay, so this is the patched version. Notice that it is the whole thing all over again, so I suggest you delete the old one. This patch addresses several issues and changes multiple things.

(Notice the smaller size, yet it has more)

To install, unzip the "LegacyPatch" folder to C/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Empire At War Forces of Corruption/Mods/

To play double-click the included icon. It actually is done correctly this time! (I know, finally)

I suggest you use this updated version instead.

Version 0.7 Change log

Fixes various issues and has many changes, such as...

-everything is contained in correct folders
-the .exe is made correctly this time
-Removed the Arcuturs Maximus ship! Was really buggy, came out of nowhere, so it's gone. I have no idea what happened there.
-No more SFX2D_English.MEG. This file slipped in, and is unecessary, and large.
-Crimson Axe has its hardpoints! No more useless piece of metal sitting there
-Piett and Thrawn are both removed, so you shouldn't have to worry about them
-Fixed some text errors
-Adjusted some prices
-Consortium can build mines in GC
-Updated models for:
-Victory III
-YT-1300 (no more invincibility thing showing up)
-Nssis Claw-craft
-CR90 Corvette
-MC80 Liberty spawns fighters (36), and Home One types spawns fighters (120), and removed the shield gen. hardpoint
-Torpedoes and Missiles no longer penatrate shields in space (testing it out)
-Bastion Second Fleet is not so overpowered (only some ships at a time, not all at once)
-Corvettes are MUCH more potent against fighters, so watch out! Don't send them by themselves to attack them, and get them away if you see one
-Some other changes that are less important, like a new splash (loading) screen

Credits for new stuff
-New Dreadnaught, Carrack, CR90-Models/textures by evillejdei, rigged by Phoenix Rising
-New YT-1300 and Nssis, models/textures by the_Farseer
-That should be all, if I forgot something please tell me

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