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So a lot of you guys know halo wars was a HUGE let down and an even BIGGER let down that it wasn't on the pc, so i've been working on a halo mod that tries to improve and give you guys what halo wars should of been. Now i don't wanna try and beat or compete with Halo:Campaign Commander or CAW they are doing a great job at what they are doing i just wanted to show off what i've done.

I just wanna give you guys something fun and something that halo wars should of been since that E3 demo of halo wars that showed full bases and so on.

So i was looking at all the pop cap and price of all the units of halo wars and i wanted to improve on that and match it somewhat.

I would really like your input on what you guys wanted to see in halo wars but never got it, i'm also creating my own style of halo wars with units from all of the halo games

Also this mod is VERY WIP atm and almost everything is subject to change or will be changed, i'm only getting started on this and i'm the only one working on this mod so i can't do everything at once, i wanna make this mod as close to a halo rts that foc will allow me to i wanna make this as close to the real deal as if bungie or 343 was making it

[Halo:The First Encounter] was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from HALO, © Microsoft Corporation.

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