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SW Clone Wars Icon Pack

I recently found a whole lot of Clone Wars images on Wookieepedia that I thought would be great for making some icons. There is 42 all together

Icons included in pack.
99 - Remember him? That one Clone seen in at the beginning of season 3? This is him.
Adi Gallia - I tried getting a version of her where she didn't have an angry look on her face, but couldn't find a good one.
Admiral Coburn - The one who helped rescue the Togurtas.
Admiral Kilian - Boba wrecked his ship!!
Admiral Trench - Sep Spider dude.
Arok the Hutt - Looks like a mob guy I once saw in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. (Nah, see, nah)
Aurra Sing - Almost cue ball bounty hunter, was a Jedi at one time.
Bail Organa - Future adopted father of Leia Organa.
Captain Rex - Clone Bada##, no seriously that was the name of the image on Wookieepedia.
Captain Rex Phase II - Even cooler looking than the other one.
Captain Ackbar - Clone Wars Ackbar
Chewbacca - The walking carpet.
Count Dooku - Or as I like to call him, "Count Dookie"
Darth Maul - He's Back! Oh don't complain, just enjoy the return of the menace!
Duchess Satine - Obi's girlfriend.
Four Armed Psycho - The guy who tried to murder the 501st.
Kit Fisto - Green jedi, guy, dude...with a jamaican accent, I think.
LAAT - Low Altitude Assault Transport or Larties

Marlo the Hutt - Says on Wookieepedia he's based on Marlon Brando's character from the Godfather. "We're going to give Ziro and offer he can't refuse"
Mortis Daughter and Mortis Son - From the episodes Overlords, Ghosts of Mortis, and Altar of Mortis.

Mother Talzin - Leader of the Nightsisters with a really evil demonic echo to her voice. I think Sidious needed something like that. Nothing says evil like a demonic echoy voice.
Nuvo Vindi - Crazy doctor, well I wouldn't him a Doc.
Plo Koon - The one who found Ahsoka.
Quinlan Vos - Really cool Jedi, I think so.
Republic Acclamator
Republic Corvette
Yoda - Little guy who talks weird and who we still don't know his species or homeworld.
Riff Tamson - Evil shark guy. What else would a shark be?
Riyo Chuchi - Blue senator. Another of her species was played George in episode III. He should have voiced him in the show.
Satine - I call this one the civilian version.
Savage Oppress - Maul's brother, at least that's what Talzin said.
Senate Commandos - They wear blue armor.
Shaak Ti - She didn't get killed by Grevious!
Super Battle Droids - How are they Super? They can't jump over buildings or run faster than a train.
Tarkin - Before the Death Star, but still an evil Ba#@!@*##.
V19 Torrent - They don't have s-foils.
Ventress - Did anyone feel sorry for her at the end of the episode "Massacre"?
Commander Wolffe - Ahwoooooooooooooooooooooooo...Oh not that kind of wolf, sorry.

And that's about it, I make some more an release them too.

NONE of the white specks in the preview image appear in-game, that's from using GIMP to make the icons.

Just credit Admiral Ace. You don't need to ask permission.

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