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Five playable factions (Zann Consortium, Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, Black sun Pirates and The Hutt Cartel) + 1 idle (Mandalorian Militia)
New Music for certain events
Campaigns for all tastes:all five factions, without hutts, then without underworld and then just rebel and empire (Foc and Eaw updated campaigns)
Two new planets (Falleen - Xizor's homeworld and Trandosha - Bossk's homeworld)
Replaced some Hero Icons with more realistic (in cases of icons created from pictures of computer generated Heroes with screenshots from movies) or by me better ones.
ssdcommander's spacestation system
Replaced some Unit names with correct/complete ones
Enhanced Vader's and Sidious Force powers (whirlwind and lightning damages everything and telekinesis can be applied to vehicles and heroes - except force sensitives and droids) I did that because frankly no bounty hunter or smuggler has any chance against a Jedi hero or Sith Hero and this way enhances the gameplay.
Icons form my icos packs with some unreleased ones
Not very buggy, just some problems with smugglers nothing major.
Fighters rescaled to 75%
Planets rescaled to 75%


Heroes: Guri, Xizor, Jodo Kast, Chenlambec, Zuckuss and 4lom, Durga the Hutt, Perit (No Black Sun hero unit is made up (every info is taken from books, movies and various sources))
Land: Game Default + Speeders, Z95 Flyers, Trained Rancor, Jawa scout, Twi'lek commando
Space: Game Default + Dagger starfighter, V-wing Bomber, Gozanti corvette, IPV-2 Corvette, Vigo cruiser, Bloodstar battleship
Structures: Command center, Secondary outpost, Cantina, Shield gen., Ion cannon, Mining facility, Asteroid mining facility, 1-3 level Asteroid base (with an upgraded look for lvl2 and lvl3)

Heroes: Jabba and his Sail Barge, Bib Fortuna, Boba Fett, Labria, Mustafarian Bounty Hunter, Greedo
Land: Game Default + Swoop troopers, Twi'lek agent, AAT
Space: Game Default + Hutt Dagger starfighter, Freefall Bomber, Munificient star cruiser, Lucrehulk battleship
Structures: Hutt Command palace, Secondary palace, Hutt barracks, Shield gen., Ion cannon, Mining facility, 1-3 level Hutt Asteroid base (with an upgraded look for lvl2 and lvl3)

Empire added:
Space: Death star I
Mara Jade and her ship in GC
Moff Jerjerrod
Vader and his TIE-Advanced (don't worry, you still can build the Executor SSD, but Vader will not command it)
Vader's wingmen now pilot TIE Interceptors

Rebel added:
Land structure: Jedi temple
Land units: Padawan
Kyle Katarn and his ship in GC
Space: Belarus cruiser and MC40

Consortium added:
Land: Battledroid, Superbattledroid
Defilers are also fleet and field commanders


Changes in v2.0

Black Sun:

*retextured IPV2 and Gozanti to Black Sun skin
*Removed IPV1 from units
*Added Black Sun Ace Squadron as Major hero
*Reworked AI
*Smugglers work as Fleet commander
*Bounty hunters work as spies
*Added pirate tanks from CW
*Brand new model for the Vigo frigate

Hutt Cartel:

*added Hutt Cruiser
*added Wavecrest Cruiser
*reworked Greedo to have space fighter
*better Jabba icon

Zann Consortium:

*Removed Battledroids
*Reworked Superbattledroids
*Defilers work as Field and Fleet commanders


*New Icons for Thrawn and Mohc
*Fixed SSD issue
*Added buildable Venator to the fleet


*Added two space cruisers
*Added space carrier
*Added tank squads
*Added speeder teams
*Reworked indigenous units
*Added Death Watch as major hero defending Mandalore
*Mandalore on various GC is a more difficult target
*Every faction can build Mandalorian Mercs when they capture Mandalore.
Note: They are still unplayable


*Multiple tweaks and fixes
*New stars backgrund
*Venator has only blue veapons
*New GC called "Battle for the Underworld" featuring only underworld factions.
*Ressurected Rattarak planet after beeing scrapped by the Petroglyph (both maps weren't even scrapped)

Known bugs:

*Greedo doesn't fire
*Some minor faction icons issue
*Still some AI issues, nothing huge

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