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- A brand new, made from scratch galaxy map with a high degree of accuracy;
- 23 new planets ranging from Duro to Roche;
- Lore Accurate trade routes such as the Corellian run;
- Over 20 new or unlocked units;
- Over 10 new or unlocked buildings;
- A huge graphical overhaul covering massive amounts of models and textures;
- An overhaul of the space building system;
- An overhaul of the ground building system;
- New projectiles for lasers and many space particles;
- Planets generate less income and mines are limited, making mines and traderoutes more important;
- Balancing Tweaks;
- And much more!

Current Team:

- Silverjoe190 - Me! Mod Leader, Code;
- Seamus9999 - Code;
- Mitthrawnuruodo - Image Editing, Mapping;
- Packy21 - Beta Testing;

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