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I began with it because I got bored and some good Ideas but I'am no 3D Modeller or Level Designer only a simple Modder/Programmer who got his fingers on many Mods from Moddb and tries now when the other Mod-Devs will allow it to make an big Mod where you can find any Mod from Moddb in it. I first made it only privately for some Friends but want now to bring it further on. This Mods was first only based on the Steiners Advanced Units Mod and Empire at War. After some adjustments it worked with FOC and I now constantly improve it with new Ships, Bugfixxes, new Levels and much more. So it will be the Mod where you can play everything you want and only need to Download one Mod where is working all of it.

Covenant at War(No Reaction)

Mass Effect 1.1(granted)
Star Wars Battlefront Commander(granted)
Steiners Advanced Units
Halo Wars
Starship Troopers: 1st Interstellar War(granted)

Not included:
Galaxies at War(asked)
Rise of the Mandalorians(asked)

Campaign Commander(not granted)
Battlestar Galactica Colonial Wars(No Reaction)
Halo First Offensive(not granted)
Pegasus Chronicles(not granted)

At the moment when you will receive the Mod(only as Mod-Dev) its only in German. Then English Text will be made soon.

To see what I'am doing please look at here:
There you can see what I will add to the Mod or need to be improved.

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