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Star Wars BattleFront Commander

Mod Idea

The mod will bring the big and favorite battles from Star Wars Battlefront 1&2 and the canceled Star Wars Battlefront 3.We aim to bring you huge battles on land and space that will make you feel like your playing battlefront but in a RTS element. Skirmish will be a whole knew gameplay style while GC will be left intact but will have a new style to it.

Land battles is a big part of the battlefront franchise and is just a big as space battles,structure will be removed and base building will be added, you can pick and choose your landing zone on the battlefield for your base of operations.You can choose to have a shields over your base or not, have vehicle battles or just infantry battles it's all up to you.

Space is also a huge part of the battlefront franchise and is just as fun,So we have edited every stock map in FOC to be just that, space stations will no longer be your main building block for building upgrades and units, Each faction will have 1 capital ship and 2 support frigates allowing you to build new fighters and other ships,A beacon can be brought in to give you upgrades for fighters,frigates and even upgrades for your own main ship, Because of this battles can get intense very fast and can last just as long because capital ships that can be built from the main capital ship can build more fighters and frigates and from them the upgrade beacon can be built,Heroes are no exceptions here either all the classice heroes and more are coming to this mod.

Galactic Army of the Republic

Confederacy of Independent Systems




Old Republic

Sith Empire

Is a mod that is based around the game star wars battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront 3 ( Free Radical version)

Disclaimer: this mod is in no way affiliated with Lucasarts or the former free radical staff now crytek uk

Anyways i have/had massive respect for Free Radical and i dedicate this to them

The Team consist of
-Jedi_Clone_X2- Team Leaders
-FlyingDonut- Ui and other graphic things and some coding

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