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More Revolutions MiniMod for Empire Total War ver 1.1
by Trasibulos

Using ModManager by Lt.Chambers.

1) More Stability in Campaign Gameplay ( no more great nations destroyed by rebellions )
2) Now included the Spanish Republican Flag Mini-Mod that swap the ETW Spanish Republican Flag with the Segunda Republica's one

This little mod will let the game Ai increase the number and the rate of spontaneous Revolutions ( for political changes and for the indipendence of a nation )

The choice of the player will influence the public order. For examples:
developing the "Abolition of Slavery" will make the Upper Classes very angry, so the developing of "Enclosure of Common Lands" will do the same effect on the lower classes.

Also if you take a major military loss or if you lost a region, the happiness level will go down.

The Absolute Kings, especially if they govern over a very extended empire, will face more rebellions caused by "clamour of reform". By the way, they can mantain the order by fighting the rebels or developing the "happiness buildings"

The progressive industrialization will make the lower classes grow unhappy

The gameplay will be easier for the Constitutional Monarchy and for the Republic, for the reason they can reset the unhappiness by proclaiming new elections.

Maybe there are a lot of bugs in this my little work:i'm not a professional modder, so be kind. For any communications, please contact me at


First Way:
1. Place all files in your data folder. (more_revolutions_mod.pack, ModManager.exe, common.dll)
2. Run the ModManager, and check more_revolutions_mod.pack, then run Empire Total War.

Second Way:
1. Go to C:Documents and SettingsUSERNAMEApplication DataThe Creative AssemblyEmpireScripts
( the Application Data folder is HIDDEN!)
open the text file: user_empire.script
then copy and paste in it, this string:

mod "more_revolutions_mod.pack";

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