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Gundug's projectiles Minimod for Empire Total War
Release 1

This tiny mod increases the range of most projectiles, resulting in what I feel are more interesting and correct battles. Other players may find it so as well.

Small Arms: mostly double range
Bows: a bit longer than musket range (150 units of measure)
Cannon: depends on bore, bigger is better, but from around 600 to 900 units, I also varied the amount of scattershot and fragments based on the shell size
Howitzers: similar to cannon but shorter range, 650 to 750
Mortars: 550 to 600, depending on bore
Rockets: same as vanilla
Naval Guns: similar changes to above, I also reduced the damage of 42 pounders from 120 to 20 (smoothbore) and 21 (rifled). Since all other naval cannon have damage at or below that level, I assume the high rating was to give galleys an inordinately high level of firepower to make up for their limited number of guns.


1: Place mod_gundug_projectiles.pack into your Steamsteamappscommonempire total wardata folder. I have included the basic directory structure in the archive to assist you.

2: Place user.empire_script.txt into:

Documents and Settings[USER-NAME]Application DataThe Creative AssemblyEmpirescripts

if you are using Windows XP, or

Users[USER-NAME]AppDataRoamingThe Creative AssemblyEmpirescripts

under Vista. If you have installed mods for the game previously and this script already exists, and you want your mods to work together, simply copy and paste the line:

mod mod_gundug_projectiles.pack;

into the existing file. You can make multiple mods work simultaneously by adding them to the file like so:

mod someonesmod.pack;
mod anothermod.pack;
mod mod_gundug_projectiles.pack;


To get rid of the mod, you may either delete the two files mentioned above, or simply remove the "mod mod_gundug_projectiles.pack;" line from user.empire_script.txt.


This mod is free for use by others to use as they see fit without asking me for permission. If used as the basis for another mod, feel free to contact me so I can check out what you've done.


While it seems highly unlikely that this mod could possibly damage your computer or Empire Total War installation, I cannot make any guarantees. Use at your own risk.

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