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US Monarchy Minimod 1.0 for Empire Total War
by Trasibulos

using Mod Manager by Lt. Chambers

I made this mod as requested by some people on TWC forum. This minimod only change the ETW US Monarchy's flag ( Ui Campaign Map, Land Battle and Naval Battle + Agent Id).


First Way:
1. Place all files in your data folder. (us_monarchy_minimod.pack, ModManager.exe, common.dll)
2. Run the ModManager, and check us_monarchy.pack, then run Empire Total War.

Second Way:
1. Go to C:Documents and SettingsUSERNAMEApplication DataThe Creative AssemblyEmpireScripts
( the Application Data folder is HIDDEN!)
open the text file: user_empire.script
then copy and paste in it, this string:

mod us_monarchy_minimod.pack;

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