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Author: Mailman653

MM653 texture pack V.5

This pack adds new Late units to Mexico and a Papal Swiss Guard unit for the Papal States. Also included are new flags for Mexico, Gran Columbia and the Papal States.

Not MP compatible, AFAIK.
Custom unit names may not appear.
Mexican UI cards are yellow, not blue.
Mexican units show up in Gran Columbia's and Spains rosters in custom battle.
Papal Swiss Guard can be recruited by other Italian factions.
Mexican and Papal ships cause CTD in custom battle.

What's New:
New unit: Mexican fuileros
New unit: Mexican husares
New unit: Mexican dragones
New unit: Mexican caballeria presidial
New unit: Mexican lanceros
New unit: Papal Swiss Guard
New (land and naval) flags for Mexico
New flags for Gran Columbia
New (land and naval) flags for the Papal States
New .loc which is compatible with V.4.5 and ToonTotalWar Continental Army Mod

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