Mod: Battlefield Smoke Mod 4.1 for Patch 1.5
-new smoke textures for muskets, cannons and building destruction
-changed musket smoke color
-enhanced explosions
better naval cannonfire from far distance
added fire and smoke after ship explosion
more dense and moving smoke on building destru
  File Name: BSM_4_1_for_Patch_1_5.7z     Author: herodotus
  File Size: 6.69 MB   Files Added: 111
  Downloads: 7,819 (14 last week)   Author Downloads: 406,395 (804 last week)
  Posted: 18.11.2009   Supporters: 80 (+1 Add)
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By Briggz (I just got here) on Nov 18, 2009
yo can i ask u a question how do u download this to the empire war game i downloaded it i think and how do u activate it please help if u know :)
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Nov 18, 2009
You need to download Lt.Chambers Mod manager which I will add. You then place the file of your choice (Full, Lite etc) in to the Data folder of your ETW directory. Run the Mod Manager and make sure it is ticked off (the manager must remain on your desktop).
By manos (I just got here) on Nov 22, 2009
how i can download the patch 1,5
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Nov 23, 2009
It is automatically downloaded through Steam, which ETW is linked with (if your copy is legitimate of course).