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It was pointless to resist... The DarthMod series of Mods strikes back to destroy all gameplay inconsistencies of the original game and offer you better AI, realistic battles and unequaled challenge.

-It is compatible with the latest CA Patch 1.5, all DLC, including the WarPath campaign.

-It has increased unit sizes which varies per faction and unit type, creating a challenge for a true Strategist, as the game becomes a real battle simulation with thousands of troops!

-Also It includes:
* Optimized Land battle system (Musket lethal in short range but not in long range, extra balance for all units per faction, more difficult AI by indirect methods etc.)
* Optimized Naval battle system (Ships turn and handle realistically, each faction has a special battle character, realistic tactical battle AI from indirect methods etc.)
* Better Campaign AI (More reasonable diplomacy, energetic usage of armies and fleets and generally more challenge)

Decompress the file

Open DarthMod Empire Commander Edition file

Copy darthmod.pack and Paste to C:...SteamSteamAppscommonempire total wardata

Copy user.empire_script.txt and Paste to :

VISTA and Windows 7 users
C:Users(Your User Name Here)AppDataRoamingThe Creative AssemblyEmpirescripts
XP users
C:Documents and Settings(Your User Name Here)Application DataThe Creative AssemblyEmpirescripts

STEP 5 (Optional)
Install the included campaign starting positions.

If you do not see the above mentioned folders (AppData or Application Data), enable Windows to show hidden folders or to go there automatically:

Windows XP:
Start->Run->Type p;pdata% ->Enter

Vista and 7
Start->Type in the search dialog space p;pdata% ->Enter


* The easiest way to understand that you have DarthMod installed watch a line infantry to have 110 range (And that the unit size is larger than Vanilla).
* If your PC cannot handle the thousands of troops of DarthMod Empire Commander lower your settings (Normal = approximately Ultra of Vanilla version)

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