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Project ETW Enhanced is a mod aiming to make Empire Total War a more interesting and more challenging experience.
This project will be greatly affected by you - the community - in the future.

Project ETW Enhanced provides different changes to improve gameplay.
The goal of the project is to enhance as much as possible without making the whole thing complicated.
This list represanting the current state of the mod, some aspects are viewed in detail in the sections Battles and Campaigns.

Though Battle AI
Aggressive Campaign AI
Better Formations
Improved Animations
Greater Unitsizes
Longer firing ranges
Some other battle tweaks
New Army marching ranges
Removed Projectile trails
Enhanced Blood and Smoke
Better Firing Sounds
More detailed and bigger Flags
Settlement Forts disabled
More detailed campaign textures
Better Battle Radar
Real Map mod
Performance optimized

New in V1.1
Naval enhanced
(combat, textures and more)
Bayonetts corrected
CA Intromovies removed

The Campaign AI strengh is more related to your chosen difficulty.
Slightly in normal and raising in higher settings you will encounter more enemy armies then before.
Very hard setting is still playable, but overall more challenging.
The AI is forced to develop the most important things first and recruit more as before.
This changes are only done to land units, this way we can keep the seas as before, which was fine in my opinion.

A lot of coded changes lead to an overall better behaviour of the battle AI, more realistic situations and a more reasonable more system.
With the increased firing ranges and changed kill ratios depending on firing range battles gives you more options for field tactics.
The new firing animations, blood and smoke, and the different sounds added ensure a better immersion.

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