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- In case you have installed a former Empire Realism version (ie. ER 3.5-3.7), remove all those previous ER files (they have a "ER_" prefix).
- Make sure you have a clean ETW vanilla installation, means an unmodified Empire total War installation with latest ETW patches by CA (via Steam), ie. launch ETW vanilla one time to verify it works as expected.
- Backup your Data/Campaigns folder (optional - as you can still restore original files via STEAM)

Install ER 4 files:
- Copy/paste all ER4 files into the ETW Data folder, overwrite old files.
- Ready. Start the ETW game as usually.

Path: Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/empire total war/data

ER4 no longer requires to modify campaign unit multiplier!

Path: users/(your computer name)/AppData/Roaming/The Creative Assembly/Empire/Scripts

- ER-default unit multiplier is x1. Game is balanced to ultra settings which should give you 200men per Line Infantry unit.

Mod doesn't need to be activated via Mod Manager.

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