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American Civil War: Brothers vs. Brothers


completely reworked battle mechanics following the work of realism modders (JaM and DaVinci)
reworked the building system (construction and effects both)
increased campaign movement points of all units (to represent Civil War era rail-road system)
included state volunteers for every state
first appearance of famous units and organizations such as Shelby' and Quantrill's Raiders, Virginia Laurel Brigade, Confederate and Union Marine Corps, Union German Regiments, Confederate Natives Cavalry, Union Natives Sharpshooters, 55th "Garde de Lafayette" Regiment and many, many more
re-skinned great number of vanilla units and made new textures for existing units such as Richmond Artillery, Hood's Texas Brigade etc
added new officers for both Confederacy and Union
added historical generals with unique textures
made historically accurate descriptions of every State Volunteers unit
for the first time added steamship to ACW mod (only one available at the moment)
re-introduced the socket bayonet
reworked earthworks and gabionade to more Civil War era appearance
Civil War era event pictures
edited ACW Chronicles and date display
added new ACW quotes
enabled Great Britain and Mexico in custom battle with their own unique units
and many, many more things

Some images are available in the images section.

Installation and Support:
ACW Forum

Current build works with Warpath add-on only!

Installation Instructions:

you need to have ACW Brothers vs. Brothers 3.4.1 version (all available at ModDB)
you need to have husserlTW's SubsPower Launcher
download the file
unpack it
run the setup.exe and follow the instructions

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