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This mod contains a number of changes which I feel add diversity to the races in the game. The idea is to make each race different enough, that a player will find it interesting to replay as each different race. This description is for version 1.0.16-02 (note serial 02) released August 25, 2012. Future versions will include more races, and hopefully more stuff.Disclaimer

USE WITH VERSION 1.0.16 through 1.0.18 ONLY. As soon as a new version is released I will update the mod.
This content is not Amplitude's, so this mod is installed at your own risk.
Text changes are for English language only. The mod will work in other languages but the English text will be present.
There is currently no way to modify existing icons. Once this is available, I will make the proper orange racial icons where needed.


Includes the community bug fix and balance mod serial 04.
Reduced size for seed modules (unlocked with Efficient Shielding), removed Atmospheric Shield
Use transports to quickly fill new systems with lots of clones
Genesis Project to transform a Terran planet into a Garden of Eden (new tech under Soil Revivification). Known bug: "scissors" reduction icon does not appear unless the planet has some kind of anomaly already.
Feeble Warriors now additionally gives a -10% on invasion strength.
Advanced Optics Lab now works best on Arctic; Arctic planets now generate more research than Ocean.
United Empire
Improved fleet repair modules. Very large size, very slow, but very effective. Build fleet tender ships and keep them just behind your frontier.
Fearsome Warriors now additionally gives a +10% on invasion strength.

Download the zip file in the downloads section
Unzip into (my documents)Endless SpaceModding. This will create a new directory (my documents)Endless SpaceModdingracial-diversity containing a file index.xml and several subdirectories.
In the main game menu, click the MODS button, find the mod "Racial Diversity", select it and click load.
To keep the mod loaded: find "Endless Space" in the Steam Library, right click, select properties, and click the "set launch options" button. Add "+mod racial-diversity" to the game launch command line.

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