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This mod contains a number of changes which add evasion to hissho ships and rebalance the bushido bonus. This description is for version 1.0.18-01 (note serial 01) released September 10, 2012. In the future (after the next ES release) I will merge this into my racial diversity mod.


USE WITH VERSION 1.0.18 ONLY. As soon as a new version is released I will update the mod.
This content is not Amplitude's, so this mod is installed at your own risk.
Text changes are for English language only. The mod will work in other languages but the English text will be present.


Hissho bushido bonus changed to +10% FID (no science) instead of the vanilla bonus, +20% FIDS (including science)
All Hissho-specific technologies changed to blood red icons
Most of the missile techs are removed for Hissho, and instead race-specific battle cards add evasion capabilities
Hissho medium ships (cruiser, battle cruiser) cost 3 CP instead of 2; dreadnought costs 6 CP instead of 4.

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