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It's been over a thousand years since the island state of Atlantis sank to the bottom
of the ocean. Now, it has returned!

Off the coast of the Canary Islands, the small island of Atlantis has reappeared.
While technologically superior to all nations in the world, it is plagued by it's low
force limit, and will be forced to conquer the lands of Africa before taking on
bigger nations. Atlantis has the opportunity, due to it's massive leap of technology,
to conquer Europe.

Due to your the Atlantean tech group, you will always be a step ahead every other nation in
the world when it comes to technology, but can you overcome the boundries of being a
tiny little island, having no knowledge of the surrounding world, and expand your empire to the worlds continents?

What does it do?

This mod introduces the tiny island of Atlantis into the world of Europa Universalis 4
This mod is entirely built upon the legends of Atlantis made by Platon, the greek philosopher.

The island is unique due to having a seperate technology group, as well as it's own religion. The tech group will ensure that you
will always stay ahead of every other nation in the world, and has a few unique units to go with this, such as the Atlantean Centurion.

The catch, however, is that your nation exists only due to constant expansion. The Atlanteans know nothing of defense, and their troops
reflect this well. Most, if not all, have barely any defense. Another problem, is the low force limit, forcing you to pick your fights carefully, and slowly expand
into Africa before you take on the bigger nations.

Breakdown of new stuff
New Nation
New Religion
New Units
New Tech Group
New Culture

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