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Authors: the Rome Enhanced team

This mod is for the patched (v1.2) version of EU: Rome

#1 > To make the game more enjoyable, compelling and immersing for the player.
#2 > To address as many of the commonly cited bugs and issues as possible.
#3 > To employ as much historical authenticity as possible - while still meeting the standards of goal #1

Enhancements and Fixes Currently Include:

* Revised battle system, with higher casualties and a more "epic" feel to the battles, rebalanced unit stats (e.g. cavalry weak against elephants, archers do more damage but are more easily killed if engaged directly, elephants less effective against light units). No more inconsequential ("ping-pong") battles. Assaults no longer take weeks/months. Ships are repaired in a more realistic timespan. All units travel faster.

* Research bug corrected.

* Numerous new tribes added. Dacians, Scythians, Picts and many more.

* Tribes are now Playable and much more interactive.

* Colonization reworked to be more historically plausible (No more Macedonians in Poland - Carthage can reach their historical extent in Iberia).

* Population growth now variable depending on stability, revolt risk, nationalism, governor traits, and trade goods other than just grain.

* Completely revamped Idea system, where you choose your country's military/economic path, and that choice is reflected in the Ideas available.

* New/modified events, including the option to loot a conquered province, or say No to civil war reinforcements.

* Your governors' traits now affect the province they control. Effects on tax income, growth, and research rate.

* Culture conversion modified. Cultures in the same group convert faster, and building a temple speeds the process even further.

* Various new events, design to make the game more immersing.

And various other changes.

This mod incorporates elements of several mods including:

TheLand's Mod: Colonization and Research Fixed - v0.35 (Events/values)

Keraunos' New Improved Military Mod v1.1 (All)

Numahr's Dynamic Demographics Mod - v0.33 (Events/values)

The Boss' NATIONS MOD - v1.1 (Some nations & flags)

Mr. Numbers' Real National Ideas Mod - v0.5 (All)

zarinth's Cultural Conversion Mod (Events)

Invader_Canuck's Barbarians! Mod v1.0 (Numerous nations/flags)

Antimatter's War and Peace Mod v0.3 (Events)

Jane Doe's Ambition Event Series v0.1 (character/loyalty events) v0.22

Changes also include:
-Naval repair rate increased to 25% per month. Even ancient shipyards could fix ships faster than they built them.
-Assault casualties tripled (for both attacker & defender). Assaults shouldn't take months.
- Penalty for provinces with non-accepted cultures increased slightly, making large empire a tad harder to hold on to.
-Reputation (badboy) limit set to a medium 20, as 15 is too easy to pass accidentally for my taste, and 30 makes rampaging too easy.
-Parthia boosted in early period, so they don't get swamped and destroyed.
-Modifiers to hamper tribal nations which become too large.

Future Plans
=> Incorporating the Improved Map Mod.
=> Any interesting "flavour" events I can find/create.
=> Incorporating Magna Mundi-esqe nation traits, with the hope of bringing many of the historical strengths and weaknesses of the factions into play.
=> Balancing

v0.2 >> Massana Mod & Real National Ideas Mod incorporated. Numahr's DD updated to v0.33. Assault casualties tripled.
v0.21 >> Minor error corrected
v0.3 >> Massana Mod removed (for now), text bug fixed
v0.31 >> Looter events update to v0.2
v0.32 >> Zarinth's Cultural Conversion modifiers added
v0.33 >> Balancing - civ spread lowered, civ event MTTH doubled
v0.34 >> Shortcut now included. Tribes forcelimit doubled as an anti-barbarian measure
v0.35 >> Event-related CTD issue fixed
v0.35b >> Another bugfix
v0.4 >> Lots of changes! Parthia boosted in early stages (to represent their off-map territories); penalty for non-accepted culture provinces increased; Seleucids changed to Macedonian culture; numerous events added ala Antimatter, Jane Doe, and myself; tribes re-envisioned & refined (now tribal governments have a hard time ruling nations over 5 provinces, and can only switch to another government after reaching 9 provinces); battle system redesigned & refined; documentation updated, now includes new unit stat table, and Real National Ideas explanation;
A number of bugfixes and minor changes as well.
v0.5 >> Numerous bugfixes; some new modifiers for Rome; tribes weakened slightly for balance; Egypt's primary culture changed to macedonian; all Seleucid and Egyptian characters are now macedonian culture; damage modifier lowered slightly; badboy reduction rate increased; barbarian power increased substantially; number of character friends/rivals set to 3; population growth issues balanced; war exhaustion/revolt risk/culture province modifiers altered.
v0.501 >> A number of fixes, as well as nearly-complete rebalancing for patch 1.2; added a new trait "allegiant" which prevents generals/characters from causing/joining civil wars.
v0.502 >> Some minor fixes from previous version

1) Delete any previous version of this mod before proceeding.
2) Copy the contents of the .rar archive to your "ProgramFiles\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis - Rome\mod" folder.
3) Use the shortcut located here:
'ProgramFiles\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis - Rome\Mod' to launch the modded game (move it wherever you like), or use the game launcher.

Note: If your installation directory is not standard, the shortcut's target will have to be changed to reflect this.

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