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Author: TheLand

SPQR is a mod aimed at increasing historical authenticity and player control.

****Please note that this is not savegame compatible because many National Ideas have changed**** - but saves made under 0.2a are still compatible.

0.3 - A whole new level to the game!

v0.3 Changes:
Total reworking of province culture, the culture-conversion system, and stability.
Every province now has a citizenship level as well as a culture and religion.
FULL CITIZENS represent the original home provinces of your nation, which dictate the politics. They are relatively rare in big empires, and give the most tax revenue. Because many citizens are expected to serve in the military you get the bulk of your manpower from these provinces.
ALLIED PROVINCES represent areas full of cities and settlements which area allied to you. They pay the bulk of their taxes to you, and contribute some manpower to your armies.
IMPERIAL PROVINCES represent places which your Empire governs directly. You get a bit more revenue from these provinces than you do from allies, but half as much manpower.
TRIBAL PROVINCES are uncivilized areas where your colonists co-exist with barbarians. Their hardy population produces plenty of soldiers, but relatively little tax.
There is also a temporary "Conquered Province" citizenship level, for citizens conquered by another power.

Each of these types of province has a different flavour with different event-series which depends on the stability of your Empire.
Allies need careful handling. If happy and loyal, they can spontaneously decide to do helpful things. If mistreated, they can also become disloyal and look for opportunities to declare independence or join a different Empire.
Imperial Provinces offer the most opportunities for exploitation, but also have the biggest tendency to rebel against you.
In Tribal Provinces, governing is all about handling the delicate situation between your colonists and the barbarians who still live there.

Across the board, higher stability means more tax revenue and less revolts. This is now handled through events in the province citizenship system rather than a global modifier.
Culture conversion is much slower and is dependent on the province citizenship type. Each type also behaves a bit differently during a war.

The citizenship system is currently about 75% complete. There are a number of further events I am planning to add, particularly during wars.

Other 0.3 changes:
*Rebalanced civ values and province cultures to make the system work.
*Etruria is now defined as a nation for revolters (no graphics yet). I plan to add a number more revolter nations.
*Barbarian cavalry & archers numbers tweaked down to make hordes a little more endurable

0.212 changes
GOVERNMENTS and NATIONAL IDEAS have been totally reworked. Ideas now reflect the culture and religion of your civilization - different civs now have a very different flavour. All ideas are available at the start of the game so you have more genuine choices. There are fewer Government types and governments have more NIs available to them.
CHARACTERS now have much more influence over your empire. Their attributes and traits now affect a host of results as Province Governors. New traits mean that Finesse ratings now affect tax revenue but that is far from the end of the story...
COLONISATION: This mod contains the most up-to-date and tested solutions to common colonisation problems. Macedonia will no longer colonise Poland. Carthage will colonise a large chunk of Spain. Rome has a much better chance of having Liguria, while Massilia is slowed down. Tribal nations have the chance to colonise from time to time.
TRIBES have bonuses from government type and tech so they have more chance of standing up to civilised nations and barbarian hordes. Tribal nations also have the chance of "Golden Age" events which temporarily raise their Civ value, allow them to colonise, and help them get more tech. Gallic tribes raise warbands when at war to make them more interesting to play and more challenging opponents - they are now sometimes *harder* than Barbarian Hordes. Gallic tribes will declare independence if they are conquered to give you more trouble.
BARBARIANS who rise up in your colonies are now more varied and powerful. No longer are these limited to 1,000 horsemen. This is linked to an improved colony event string which means a good governor will make your colony civilised more quickly.
GENERAL FIXES include reduced omen power, deeper demographic model, rebalanced paper-scissors-stone model of troops/combat. some rebalanced initial civ values and resources, research and civil war troopspam fixed.

Current Beta

The current 0.3b version is the first to include the reworked province-citizenship system. Your comments and feedback on this and other areas are vital to the devleopment of the mod.

*Further improvements to the province-citizenship system
*Revised, more detailed, inventions.
*More sophisticated Gallic tribe uprisings.
*Internal politics event-strings

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