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Author: Jacob

************ HELLENICA 0.6 v. 1.3 **************

v. 05

- Celts Alpina (Boi tribe)
- Samnites, Lucanii - Rome conquer in 272 BC and after civil war in 90 BC.
- Etruscii - conquered by Rome (last city Volsini in 264 r BC)
- Parthia possessing two province, never in Seleucid Empire, However were from let dependent,
- Cyrenaica (Hieronymus ---> Livy,Polibios)
- Media Antropatene (Livy,Arrian,Appianus, Flavius)
- Bastetati (Polibios)
-Turdenanów (Polibios)
- Celtiberii,States in Mauretania (Numidii, Maasesylii etc..), and on terrains of Germania,Scandinavia and Brytania.

- Improved parameters of individuals are on more well-founded historically,
- Enlarged speed of moving oneself squads,
- Infantry of barbarians (light ) - it is faster from heavy infantry
- Reduced too large size Military Pool
- Enlarged consequences for rolling of war on "Own terrain”.
- Enlarged are military garrisons

- increased value of "external" trade
- Core province is added after only 15 years
- Bononia (88, 89) - adding the population, smaller civilization lvl
- The provinces of Oasis Parva, Ammon, Libya (229, 230, 232) - "is becoming barbaric" - military settlement in the oases is later period in history of Lagid (Ptolemaic) Country
- Changing he cultore in Alexandria to greek Alexandria don't lays "in Egypt" but "near Egypt" - it was the Greek city

v was. 06.

- Conversion to patch 1.3 ENG
- fixed a bug related to revolts in Rome
- Can be corrected problem with "crashing the game"
- Improved quality of barbarian countries
- Reduced consequences of war on its territory in relation to v.0.5

Sry my english
It is this version BETA
If someone wants to test

Above modem I work all the way .

I greet


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