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Author: Djack

Tribes & Empires is a mod for EU:Rome 1.3.
The primary focus is on factions rather than characters.
The mod is designed to be played only from the start date.
There is two mods in one :
- a FULL version : all features, all the factions but a slower performance.
- a LITE version : all features, less factions but a better performance.
You install both version of the mod and can play any of them independantly.

- EU:Rome 1.3
- English language only (edit your settings.txt if you have to).
- 1GB memory.
- You have read "GAME PERFORMANCE WARNING" below and understood it.
- See "QUICK GUIDE" below for some important informations.
- A "FAQ" is available in the post below and might already answer your question/problem.

* new: more than 80 new factions with new cultures.
* new: Revised trade system for units - for instance heavy infantry buildable everywhere but a faction have to accumulate iron to build them at an affordable price; cloth improve your ships performance with better sails.
* new: Warfare traditions - most factions have a specific cultural way of fighting, from mass of fierce but undisciplined warriors to efficient cavalry tactics but weak foot troops.
* new: Tribes migration, hording and plundering.
* new: Education events - do you want to build a dynasty of great generals or charismatic politicians?
* mod: Redesigned government change events - more choices for Tribes; Republics can proclaim temporary Dictatorship in time of crisis, but will the Dictator give its powers back when asked to?
* mod: Rebalanced and renamed units.
* mod: Start at tech level 5 - more early gameplay options and makes more sense.
* new: Redesigned land techs - hitech armies will slowly accumulate an advantage over low techs; Elephants and Militia armies will progressively become obsolete.
* mod: Revised some ideas.
* cool: a FULL version for hi-end users, a LITE version for lo-end users or people who wants more barbarians!
* cool: T&E features such as events and modifiers get a "T&E" stamp so you now what comes from the mod and what comes from the original game.

You may experience the following problems when playing unpaused:
- the game seems to hang for a few seconds between months.
- the interface is laggy.
These problems are more severe in the first two months of a new game.


Due to all the new factions the game is slower than vanilla rome.
This is not a bug from the mod, the game is doing lots of computations for all the new countries and characters and it takes time.
Vanilla Rome runs better because it has less things to do.

If you are running the FULL version and have performance issues, try the LITE version which has improved performance but less factions.

- Extract to your mod folder.
- Use Paradox Launcher : do not launch the game directly.

First make sure you have a correct installation.

- At the faction selection screen, DO NOT change the date. The mod works only from the standard start date.

New features or changed things to look at:
- your culture might be a new one, check it.
- on your faction page, check if you have a "T&E Warfare" modifier and what it does; this is tied to your culture or culture group.
- look at what units you can build, their prices, recruit time, their combat modifiers.
- look at all the goods and what they do, that will explain the odd recruitement time and costs; they might also give you some other bonuses.
- look at the factions around you.

You should be fine.

- event education: If you change country (reload as another nation) you may get education events on grown up childs.
- event hording: Sometimes the hording event will announce 0 sized hordes and barbarian power changes. Ignore these, the event works fine and will not spawn empty hordes or change barbarian power.

Beta 0.9 needs playtesting and balancing.
1.0 should be a balanced 0.9, with maybe a few features added.
It will also most certainly be only one version (no full + lite), which will be the best one for both performance and gameplay, or a balance between them.

* I had to remove the Diploannex events. Because of a missing event trigger (vassal_of) I had to find workarounds for detecting vassalization which were not reliable, ie they produced diploannexation which should not happen.
So rather than adding a bugged feature I removed it, I wanted b0.9 as clean as possible. It might come with 1.0 if I can find a better way, most likely as an optional add-on.

Bug reporting or any issue:
- please try to provide a screenshot and/or a save.
- say what version you are playing : FULL or LITE.

I'd mostly like to hear:
- what T&E event you got.
- is the performance ok or is it too slow (and what version are you playing), and if the performance worsen as time passes or not.
- how the world is evolving in your game (with a F12 screenshot if possible).
- any other opinion you have!
This will help make 1.0.

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