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What's new in this update:

DAF - added as new licensed truck brand
added command line parameter -nodx9ex which disables extended DX9 interfaces for compatibility with Xfire
support for Unicode characters
support for Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Bulgarian
enter your name in profile with non-ASCII characters
better automatic save/load system
fixes in registration plates for SK, NL, FR, I, S, BE, A
recreated lamps illumination of all trucks, trailers and AI vehicles
readjusted fatigue simulation
new gearboxes for each truck
adjusted steering
over two hundred individual map fixes and prettyfications, fixed weather areas, added new lamps to prefabs
several inaccessible roads removed from navigation system
bus added as AI vehicle in traffic
improvements of AI handling on prefabs - speed, acceleration, and braking
decreased Valiant dashboard brightness
route advisor's "running line" corrected
added extra tier to progress history - progress is shown up to level 150 now
skill screen doesn't pop up on level up anymore if there are no skill points available
rain probability slider added to Options
truck braking intensity slider added to Options
subtle improvements in HDR tonemapping


Improved handling of fatigue.
Stopping of advisor lines fixed.
Some potentially crashing issues fixed.

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