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Here's the installer (including the 2.0 expansion) for Evochron Mercenary, a first person 3D space combat, trader, and exploration simulation with a primary focus on 'lone-wolf' survival gameplay. Evochron Mercenary is the sequel to Evochron Legends and rounds out a trilogy in the series culminating in the game with the highest level of technology and most extensive feature set.

As always, the new version operates as a full installer, a patch for previous versions, and a playable demo.

Here is a list of the minimum and recommended specifications for the expansion:

Windows XP, Vista, 7
2.0 GHz or faster processor (multi-core processor recommended)
1.5 GB of free physical system memory (RAM) of 2 GB installed minimum.
1GB hard drive space available (3GB recommended for full 'pre-generated' planet terrain mode).
DirectX compatible video card supporting at least shader model 2.0.
256 MB of dedicated video memory minimum.

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