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Here is a list of the minimum and recommended specifications for the expansion:

Windows XP, Vista, 7
2.0 GHz or faster processor (multi-core processor recommended)
1.5 GB of free physical system memory (RAM) of 2 GB installed minimum.
1GB hard drive space available (3GB recommended for full 'pre-generated' planet terrain mode).
DirectX compatible video card supporting at least shader model 2.0.
256 MB of dedicated video memory minimum.

What is the 2.0 (expansion) update?
- The update is designed to expand the game and introduce a variety of new systems, options, sound effects, and graphics to the game. It has been built with a higher minimum technology level in mind in an effort to significantly improve the visuals, options, and capabilities of the game.

For questions and details on the new update, visit this link:

The server program has also been updated

December 31st, 2012
This update includes the following improvements:

- Trade console now closes after one player accepts a player-to-player trade console contract.
- Under very rare circumstances, a pending contract could have its pay value set to zero, now fixed.
- Runtime error 7008 at line 64060-64090 message that could rarely occur at around the 50% loading point (in multiplayer only) now fixed.
- Player built stations made in single player would sometimes be removed from a profile if the player was in a matching sector in single player, then joined multiplayer, saved, then later returned to single player. Now fixed.
- Dropped cargo containers would not always contain the correct unit count or other parameters, now fixed.
- A few other minor cosmetic bug fixes are also included.

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