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Profissional Driver View Mod by 1nkz + shadeshift and Chong

v1.0 (09-24-10)

- Less Fov
- More Height
- Better Steering Wheel textures definition
- Ghost Cars removed

v2.0 (09-26-10)

- 'No head bob' version included by shadeshift

v3.0 (10-12-10)

- New real 'Rear T-Cams' added
- Chong's Real T-Cams added
- New real 'Side Cams' added
- New rear cam for Driver View
- Corrected FOVs and positioning on Driver View cam
- Added 'No head bob' new version for the Driver View cam



Choose your preferred version and Extract the "Cars" folder into your F1 2010 main folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\f1 2010



- Driving Line assist missing in Driver view (ONLY IN DRIVER VIEW)

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