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Author: Zazoum

A basic interactive .swf world map, that displays all markers and their name upon hovering. Currently Im trying to make it better by adding books and bobblehead locations, and displaying specific area maps upon click.

How to use:
-Click "PROCEED" if you want to see the map.
-Hover over symbols to display area name.
-Click the buttons at the bottom to hide the correspoding group of icons, so to make the map more clear. Click again to reveal them.
If you want for example to view only the Metro stations, click "ALL" to hide all markers and then the Metro button "M" to reveal only the Stations.

Current Progress: I ll try to add in-game screenshots for the Bobblehead locations. I also have in mind a search function, but it is still early for that.
NOTE: If you find anything missing, or dispalyed incorrectly, please comment.
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-Added S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and Skill Bobbleheads markers. Reveal them by clicking the two new buttons at the bottom menu. Click again to hide.
Hover over the markers to display some more info on location.
-Added two missing area markers (thanks to HornedReaperMJL)

NOTE: Bottlehead location is taken from info found on net. Although I have confirmed some of them, many of them remain unconfirmed by me.

Increased size / fixed typo

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