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Author: princess_stomper

Adds a two-bedroomed house to the Mid Ship Deck of Rivet City, near the entrance.


The house belongs to James, but of course you may live there. It is the one he shared with your mother, but it fell into disrepair for nearly two decades. Fortunately, it was quickly restored, and is now a handy place for you to stay in the Wasteland's most civilized city. Its decor is comparable to Tenpenny Tower, since James's experiments demand utmost cleanliness.

The house has one double bedroom and one single bedroom, a kitchen-dining area and a comfortable lounge and bathroom. The lounge has My First Infirmary, as well as the Lab to cure common ailments and remove radiation. It seemed fitting, given James's character.

There is a little terminal to give a few background notes as to the apartment itself, and a radio for entertainment. James also acquired a small house-puppy to make his home a less lonely place, but it is looked after by a neighbor so you needn't feel bad about leaving him to go on your travels.

There is plenty of storage which has been set in its own Never Resets encounter zone, and the door is set to Player ownership so you should never be disturbed. The house is fully navmeshed and optimized.

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