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Author: Slayer_2

What Fallout 3 Reborn (V3) is:

A WIP mod that is WIP due to the fact that every few weeks I'll have a new version out with a million new changes and tweaks. Some basic facts:

Armor and guns are WAY more realistic (at least when used against enemies). A 9mm (I changed it to 9mm berretta instead of 10mm pistol) headshot usually kills instantly. Armor starts giving you almost complete protection against any threats, but depending on the type of armor degrades very quickly if its simple Vault armor or over hours of constant battle in the case of the T51-b. Think health-based armor, DR matters little now, just ask yourself "is the condition good?" and "is it powered or normal?". Those are the only factors that matter.

Drugs and explosives have some... fun changes. Any explosion is liable to send you flying like a ballerina. The distance you fly obviously depends on the explosion type. Nukes will send you up to 50 meters, while an Anti-Personnel Mine will send you ten feet in the air... without your legs.

Also grenades are redone, and mines are being redone for V4. There are 4 types of grenades... but a bit different than before:

Fragmentation Grenade: Very powerful within a 3 meter radius.
Plasma Grenade: Slightly better than the frag nade, and has a bigger explosion radius.
Napalm Grenade: Anyone within the explosion radius falls down on fire (and maybe screaming in V4)
Nuclear Grenade: A high-power grenade, test it out and see.

Also, all weapons have tweaks (except expansion pack weapons, the expansions both work fine though).

Medicines now heal you over time and radiation is revamped. Way more realistic. at 1000 Rads, you are immune to further irradiation, but lose 10 health a second until you croak or if you're lucky, get healed. I also added a "glowing one" effect to your character at 800+ rads. When irradiated you can get crippled limbs, lose health slowly, and see a slew of fancy effects.

All guns are way more powerful/effective and explosions are huge and much more powerful. Someone can start an article on this mod page and list all the changes if they wish. I word of warning: this mod should work fine, but if you have critism, feel free to send it to me. HOWEVER, if it's about my "read me" or documentation, the shut the hell up or I'll just keep V4 for myself. If you want your precious read me, write it yourself and if you're lucky, I'll check in every so often and check over to make sure its correct.

Remember guys: HAVE FUN, and I don't mind critisism, as long as it isn't about god damn documentation.

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