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Wolfhound's HotBox
2nd August 2009
Version 1.1

New in version 1.1
HotBox now available in the grounds of Tenpenny Tower as well.

What is this?
I don't want to make this too obvious, so ask yourself:

Do you have Broken Steel? Are you sorry now that you made extensive use of your Pristine Nuka Cola Vending Machine?

If the answer to both questions is yes, then install this mod and you should find something useful in Springvale. It's hard to miss - just look around for something new. There are a few new containers there as well, which you can use for storage if you feel like it.

Basically if you don't know you need this mod, then you probably don't. :o)

Incidentally you don't need to have Broken Steel to use this mod, but it's pretty pointless if you don't.

Should not clash with anything else, it's a very basic mod - just one new scripted object and a few standard objects placed in Springvale.

Copy the whHotBox.esp file to your Fallout 3 Data folder.
Then enable it either through the Data Files option on the game launcher, or use the (highly-recommended) Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM) which you can find on the Fallout 3 Nexus.

If you've left anything in the new containers in Springvale, for the love of Atom, take them all out before disabling the mod, or you'll lose them. I don't want you hunting me down with a naily-stick.

Then simply disable the mod and dump the whHotBox.esp file from your data folder.
It won't affect anything else, you just won't be able to use the... errr... thingy anymore.

Bugs etc:
This works perfectly for me, your milage may vary but it's hard to see what could go wrong.
Nevertheless, if you have any problems, please post here or look for me on the Bethesda Fallout forums. I'm Wolfhound everywhere, so I'm easy enough to find. :o)

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