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Author: SureAI Team

The "Cube Experimental" is a Mod for Fallout 3. Just started as a small test project to find out the possibilities of the Fallout-3-Engine and growth larger now. This project places a hidden entrance, of an forgotten cube complex, to the wasteland of Washington D. C.. To explore it, you only need your current Fallout 3 character.

Some data/features

* 65000+ objects
* 500+ scripts
* 13 level
* full voice acting
* collectable bonus stuff
* sounds banal, but we have full usable ladders, what the engine normally not supports.
* 1 big quest, a confusing time

Neotorious made an video how to get in:

Walkthrough (German Version)

Translated Versions
SureAI is currently working on an full translated English version of the Cube Experimental.

The French translation by Doezer and his team will start after the release of the English version.

If you have problems with the terminals ingame, it looks like nordmarv found a way:
"At beginning I had the terminals bug (no option to open doors) but I moved the cube.esm and now works. I put it just down the fallout.esm in FOMM list."

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