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Magnetic War:"Part 1 Garbage Mountain" by FRANK SLIMSKI

Quests,New Faction "MINUTEMEN" and Hardcore action mod

1 This is not for low level players,and make sure that you are well armed
before entering recuiting center.

2. Make sure you're completely ready when you enter the recruiting center.
Once you enter, you won't be able to get back outside as you will be
taken to Boot Camp right away.So get all your shopping and errands
done first.

To join the Minutemen and start the war, just visit a recruiting center.
There's one outside Rivet City.
There's one between Megaton and Springvale.

Thanks to Jack Slimski for doing the Minutemen HQ loudspeaker voice.
Thanks to Megadeth and their song "Blessed are the Dead" on the album
"United Abominations". I have used this song under the Fair Use Act as:
1. I do not financially profit from this mod.
2. The mod's purpose is for peer review.
3. The clip used is a small fraction of the whole.

Extract to data folder,when asked to replace click yes
(it will add files to video and music folder).
Activate esp in FOMM or fallout3 launcher

delete AttentionSoldiers789 from Data\Music\Tension
delete TMWIntroVid and TMWMidVid from Data\Video
delete esp

This is Frank Slimskis mod, I am just uploading with his permisions.If there is interest
for Magnetic wars i will add M.W part 2.

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